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alignment fix 101

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Now we all have seen the leagues new proposed alignment, with Detroit moving to the eastern conference and Columbus moving to the Atlantic. the conferences are balanced with 7 teams in each of the western and 8 in each of the east. this wont fly, the percentage differential of making the playoffs with 7 or 8 teams is huge. players will hate this.

the league however is missing one crucial element into getting the perfect realignment.
they arent looking at the future of the NHL.
bettman has stated that they are trying to deal with the problems faced now and not potential new teams in the future.

they need to figure out what is going on with the bottom grossing teams who just aren't drawing crowds and cant seem to have steady seasons such as Phoenix or Florida

in order to have a balanced league YOU NEED this realignment.

pacific - VAN, CAL, EDM, LA, SJ, ANA, COL PHX
atlantic- WSH, CAR, NYR, NYI, NJ PITT, PHI

note the atlantic and eastern are both short but quebec city and markham ontario are btoh building arenas
March 6, 2013 12:46 PM ET | Delete
Better yet, Why not keep Detroit in the West and make the divisions as follows;Atlantic: TOR, OTT, MTL, BUF, BOS, NYI, NYR, NJDEastern: PIT, PHI, CAR, WSH, NSH, TB, FLA, CBSCentral: STL, DAL, CHI, DET, WPG, MIN, PHXPacific: LA, ANH, SJ, COL, VAN, CGY, EDMDivisions are roughly aligned with respect to time zones (Arizona does not observe daylight savings time) and we avoid the ridiculous notion of having the Florida teams in what is essentially a northeast division. Also, Nashville moves over to the conference they really should be in, geographically positioned as they are with respect to the southeast.
March 6, 2013 7:55 PM ET | Delete
the NYI,NYR,NJ,PHI,PIT is a division that must not be split up regardless of realignment. the rivalry between every team is crucial. the Florida teams owners actually dont mind the little extra travel to the north east if they are in the same division. the owners actually care about wanting more home games against the canadian teams because of the amount of business canadians gives florida
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