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Trading Miller

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Now this subject has been talked about a lot this summer but not until recent news this might actually be legitimate.

buffalo has inquired about players on the Colorado Avalanche, Patrick Roy is apparently interested in acquiring Ryan Miller. This seams to be growing and growing with certainty.

why this can work? well the avs currently have way too many skilled centers. Duchene, stastny, oreilly, and newly drafted mackinnon. they have told the natural center oreilly hes going to be playing wing to make room for makinnon. or they could trade one, stastny who is 27, in his final year of his contract has underacheived recently and could use new scenery. Miller falls into the same position. now these 2 players swapping teams seams like a perfect hockey trade. miller at 6.25 mill and stastny at 6.6. now the sabres could soften the little cap increase by including one of their many defenceman in the package, and the avs could add a promising prospect. now this sounds like the perfect hockey trade. done and done. both teams are happy
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