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Why not be Optimistic?

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the new sabre 3rd jersey is looking how the sabres are going to be throughout the year, BAD!!. yes bad the sabre jersey is horrific and apparently so do the sabres if they play the same as they did last year. i should give some players credit though, they have worked their asses off this offseason to grow and become better but it might not be enough. It is not enough to change the minds of many forecasters though. Many people believe the sabres are going to be in the bottom 5 of the league and for a good reason. Way too many questions.

I think Not and ill explain from the back end out.

Now this a huge year for miller. He is goign to poor all his heart and soul this year because he probably wants to maintain a huge salary into next year no matter what team hes playing for. If he stays the year with the sabres so be it. if he gets moved its not like we have a hole in the net. we do have Swedens #1 goaltender to be(behind lundqvist) in Enroth.


Our defense should be 10x better than it was last season. in the past 4 months weve bolstered our defense with 4 new sabres. (Tallinder, Ruwhedal, Ristolainen, Zadorov)
these 4 should be able to clog the weak spots throughout our back end. These guys might not be on the roster but it makes others drive that much harder for a job. The huge question is Myers. his huge 5.5mill contract wont be going anywhere the way he plays and he knows that. he as altered the way he views his play and in addition hes got his old teacher in tallinder back, a projection gives him a repeat of his rookie year.


I personally thought last year our forwards had too many blank spots in it. players underperformed and it really showed. In reality though a regular 2 week training camp should get some of the guys back on track. If it doesnt then its time for experimenting.

Call up some of the young kids and let them know what the nhl is like. I really like Joel Armia being put with hodgson and vanek. i feel that line would actually produce.

the second and third lines i feel are going to be both played equally. at the end of the 11-12 season the foligno-ennis-stafford line was the best in the league. i feel that if we can create this chemistry again during the trainging camp this line can do some damage throughout the season.

Now everyone wants grigorenko in the line up but he wont go far if he continues on the fourth line wiht kaleta and scott. hes a big guy who can throw some good checks but he needs to be put with skill aswell. Pair him with Ott and Leino as this line was unbeleivable in the shortened camp last year until leino was fighting injuries. This line never saw the light of day during the season and i feal its time to unleash it.
now no rushing anyone but all the young guys deserve stints to gain experience with the sabres. Scott and Kaleta will be dressed for the bigger tougher opponents but if its more of a skating fast paced game play the newbies or flyyn and porter.
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