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Do or Die!

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As the Sabres have hit the half way mark of the regular season they currently sit on the outside looking in. They have underachieved during the first 24 games and now making the post season seams almost impossible. The rangers currently hold the 8th spot with 4 points but contain a 3 game in hand edge over dull sabres.

whats the issue?

-Well Miller has been fantastic. He has given a chance for the sabres to win every night despite a few bad bounces. The luck just hasn't been in his favor this year but overall still is putting up a stellar performance
- leadership sure isn't it. Pommer/Vanek both seam to know their place. They continue to be on the board and step up as the veterans on the team and show what needs to be done. They seem to have found how to get the other lines going with Gerbe, Ennis and Ott producing now

Our depth! yes this is it! People are questioning whether or not Grigorenko should have been sent back down to the minors. the asnwer is he belongs on the sabre roster but he has noone to play with. while Ruff was still in his lengthy run where was he playin
the 1st rounder, on a line with scott and kelata. grigs isnt producing because well because he simply cant with non-scorers like kaleta and scott. now enough about our young gun, what about our supposed 3rd line. Certainly Stafford is having huge trouble finding his way in the shortened season. Hes nowhere near the numbers he should be at and he seams to have dragged down ennid + Foligno with him. I like foligno, he clicked well last year with staff,ennis but that chemistry certainly just isnt working this year. staff has been sitting too long with the lockout which caused no point production from 82-63-21, he simply just couldnt keep up so now you see that line completely split up. Where is Myers? certainly not playing hockey in his mind. He showed up to training camp completely out of shape and night after night i see him make stupid mistakes.
The only good defensive pair buffalo seems to have is Erhoff-Sulzer but sulzers out.

Now is the time to get Myers going, hes had more than enough time to get back into shape. He needs to shwo hes worth that 5.5m. Also put that damn 82-63-21 back together. put the vet-grinder Ott with grigs to show the young gun a thing or two on how to change the atmosphere of the game. keep that open spot on that line for leino when he gets back but for now plug it with gerbe (he seems to produce). he seemed to love playing with grigs in trainging camp. mind you these last 20 games is a huge do or die for leino, if he doesnt prove his worth than he will be bought out this summer for sure.
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March 7, 2013 12:45 PM ET | Delete
i agree with this completely... if grigorenko is playing with ott who plays on the other wing?
March 7, 2013 12:49 PM ET | Delete
nevermind...gerbe :/
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