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I completely understand peoples views on the buffalo sabres. what direction are they going in? what is to happen to our stars? who are able to step up? how good can our prospects play? how well will rolston do in his first full season as an nhl coach?

this is the issue with this team, wayyyyyyy too many questions. But i am here to try to answer most of them

On miller and Vanek:
I definitely see miller being moved before the trade deadline next year. hes too valuable to just let walk next july. the sabres have a promising all-star goalie in the making in enroth and can part ways with miller. Now on vanek, regier really needs to sit down and talk to vanek if he wants to stick around. Let him be happy so he can perform to his max potential. if not trade him. if he wants to stay through the rough then slap a c on him for showing things can get tough but dont let it bug you.

now our future:

the future looks very bright. we have drafted more players than any other team in the past 2 drafts. i know that doesnt mean anything until players perform but there is lots of hope. a ligit right winger is joel armia who is just coming off a championship season in the sm-liiga. he is a sniper. he in reality is replacing pommer. he is easily talented enough to play with vanek and hodgson. 1st line filled

our alternate scoring line will consist of the speedy tyler ennis. personally i think the normal length-ed camp + preseason will be enough time to get the foligno-ennis-stafford line chemistry back together. the two bulky power forwards on the wing with the speedy center will work like a charm as it once did.

now onto the gritty 3rd line. now all this hyper during the shortened camp of 1013 about this line was insane. too bad it never made the break of day during the season.
leino has had a summer to rest up and recoup himself. the gritty Ott will play the left, and leino on the right. now for down the middle is our young gun. grigorenko. , all three of these players are 6' +. these three can be great agitators and be a great 3rd scoring adding really strong depth.

now on to our 4th, depending on our opponent, if our enemy is a bigger team we plug in kaleta and scott. now if we are against a more softer apponent we plug in young guys to give em some spurts of exp such as larsson, girgensons, adam, catennaci, porter and flynn, same goes for any regulars who get injured.

now our d

top 2 pair
definately myers paired with his old teacher tallinder
this should rejuvenate the monster and give him his maturity and poise back

line 2 and 3 of the sabres are pretty much wide open. erhoff and weber pretty much have 2 spots down but the others are wide open. the sabres have an arsenal of d to fill these spots. its just a matter of who an play the best
mcbain, sulzer, pysyk, ruhwedal, gauthier-leduc, Mcnabb, ristolainen, zadorov

the coach Ron Rolston worked for the usndp for years, who better knows how to work with young players than him. he will teach this very young team to be champions. pehaps not this year but soon
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