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The Leino Question

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What will happen to Ville Leino?

well Regier needs to figure out what is going on with his 2011 off-season flop.

Leino had a stellar career high 53 points with the flyers before he came to buffalo but can he repeat it? no i dont think so nor do most.

last year he missed 11 games due to injury and played a mediocre season being demoted to the 3rd line. Ruff tried getting him going pairing him up with the entire roster. He posted a whopping 25 points. definitely paying too much for this aging Fin. he is 29 and aging, when he comes back from nursing this hip injury he sustained before the shortened season even started he will have a lot of ground to cover. yes he was flourishing with 25 (grigs)-9 (ott) in training camp but the test will be games. I say if he cant prove himself by the summer buy out that killer 4.5mill contract

-Vans back in tonight, can he catch the best player of the game?

vanek -20 gp 27 points
crosby-23 gp 36 points
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