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I Can't Complain

Posted 4:16 PM ET | Comments 2
I don't know how any Ranger fan could have come out of the first day of the Free Agency period with anything, but a big smile on their face.

The goal was to sign a center to slot in on the second line behind Nylander. Instead Sather pulls a rabbit out of his hat and snares both Scotty Gomez from the Devils and Chris Drury from the Sabres to solidify the team up the middle.

With those 2 signings the Rangers not only got stronger at center, but also younger as well. The line combination possibilities are for another day, for now it is enough to know that the team was able to improve without mortgaging the future.

Oh yeah and the Devils lost 2 key players in Gomez and Rafalski and the Islanders lost pretty much everyone, but the goalie.

Yep, I Can't Complain.
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July 2, 2007 8:20 PM ET | Delete
I hope it's worth another lockout to you. Your team is prime example of why there has been a lockout, but they didn't do anything about it and this is proof of it right here. I am happy to see Drury somewhere closer to home which is why he went to the Rangers, but overloading with signings to get a powerhouse team for one year and knowing you can't afford the next years contracts because being over the cap is an obvious thing that will happen... is ruining hockey.
July 3, 2007 1:00 PM ET | Delete
Exactly how is the Rangers a team UNDER the cap going to cause a lockout? Just because your BILLIONAIRE owner was shortsighted in not locking up your talent don't go hating on the teams that took advantage.
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