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Hey Buffalo!!

Posted 4:23 PM ET | Comments 2
It's one game, talk to me after game 2. The first game of a series is the least indicative of what is going to happen in the series and only becomes important if the result of game 2 is the same.

Believe it or not no one is going to give the boys from upstate the Stanley Cup based on winning the opening game of the second round. So enough of the coronating the Sabres and burying the Rangers.

The Rangers hurt themselves with too many penalties in the first period. They were never able to capitalize on a quick start, thanks to some fine goaltending by Miller, but gave Buffalo too many opportunities with the man advantage.

The Rosival injury really hurt the boys from Gotham and put to much pressure on the 5 remaining backliners. Rosival is the horse of the Rangers D-corps logging the most minutes, manning the point on the PP and part of the 1st pair on the PK. He is being listed as day-to-day which I guess could be seen as a good sign.

So now we will see how the Rangers deal with a little adversity in the playoffs, they were never behind in the 1st round series vs. Atlanta until game 4. My feeling is the team wil respond well to this new challenge, they basically had their backs against the wall for the final 2 months of the regular season and I see no reason to doubt they won't come out swinging tomorrow night.
April 27, 2007 8:11 AM ET | Delete
While winning the 1st game was really awesome for the fans and obviously gives a leg up for the team, I think that this 2nd game will be a far better test of what the rest of the series will look like. I mean, if Buffalo wins, then we know that the 1st game wasn't "just a fluke." If New York wins, then we know it's really game time. As a fan, I hope the Rangers do show up, despite what seems to be the loss of your top defencemen. I love watching/listening to a real battle of a hockey game, not just "flukes." So good luck to you guys tonight. It should be a good one.
April 27, 2007 9:59 AM ET | Delete
Eh I don't think Buffalo's wing was a fluke. They played their game. Which just happens to be good strong fast paced hockey. The Rangers lost thier work horse. A car can run on 3 wheels. 5 D man against a team that can fly.. It's tough. Rangers got'ta pick it up. I'm still very excited about tonight. Got friends coming over (2 of which are Devils fans, 3 Ranger fans and surprisingly one Buffalo fan)
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