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Stop the Handringing

Posted 12:32 PM ET | Comments 1
Enough with the Handringing Rangers' Fans.

Believe it or not guys we are winning 2 games to None, not the other way around. From what I've been hearing from my fellow Rangers fans over the past few days you'd think that the Thrashers ran the Blueshirts out of Atlanta. The reality is our team played the same game they have been playing over the past few months and the results so far have been the same.

Yes, yes I get it we were outhit by the big bad Thrashers yesterday 22-10, but it caused exactly how many turnovers? Oh in case you don't want to look up the answer it is ZERO. So I guess the Rangers aren't intimidated enough by the rough and tumble play of the boys from the South to give up the puck too soon in order to avoid the hit.

I get it Hartley is out coaching Renney, because the Thrashers have been able to hit the Rangers at will and the Rangers haven't gone out of their way to retaliate. I guess Renney has to feel pretty low with how Hartley has gotten our boys from Broadway exactly where he wants them even if it cost him 2 games at home to open up the series.

Let's be honest folks what would you rather have us out hitting the Thrashers over the series or scoring more goals?
April 16, 2007 3:08 PM ET | Delete
I would love it if my team worried less about trying to drive the Rangers through the glass with a hit and more about playing the game. You make the point that NYR is playing the same game they played for the past two months. ATL is doing the opposite, which is one of the reasons they are down 2-0.
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