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The Battle of New York

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The second round is set and the Rangers will be facing off with the Buffalo Sabres starting this week. I don't know if either matchup was more beneficial for the Rangers as they had a losing record against both of their potential 2nd round opponents this year.

They were 1-3 against Ottawa and a sterling 0-4 against the Sabres.

To look on the bright side they haven't played the Sabres since December 1st and I don't think anyone would say that the Rangers team the Sabres will face at HSBC Arena isn't infinitely better then the one they beat four straight times before the turn of the year.

Also on the bright side is the fact that the Rangers extended the Sabres in 3 of those 4 losses to overtime with one of those going to a shootout.

The Rangers team the Sabres will face is the one that has the hottest goalie in the league since the clock struck midnight on December 31st. They're also a team that has much more grit and a more balanced lineup since the addition of Sean Avery.

I look forward to a close series where as typical at this time of the year it comes down to the goaltending. With who will be guarding the pipes for the boys from down state I like the Rangers chances against the boys from western New York.
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