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trustinjarmo knows nothing, MO • United States • 38 Years Old • Male
Perron looked sweet last night as did dougie weight.

before you even look to dump cajanek you need to get rid of ryan johnson and jamal 'cement hands' mayers.

if anybody saw the game last night they had to have noticed a few things:

1) mayers looked lost out there, especially when he was set up right in fron the goal and choked on the shot not even getting it on goal. his pk play was atrocious. they did better with players who are offensive, as well as hinote.

2) perron rocks.

3) martin kariya has an impact, he's just not finding the pasrt of his game that ends in results. he's wicked fast and has a good head for the game.

3)bryce salvador has all the tools to be a great defensman, but he has no game sense. lucky he didn't take a few penalties. his play is highly questionable. which is a shame. he'd be on my list for trades.

4) eric brewer looked dominant on defense. he was strong in front of the net. but he just doesn't move laterally well enough to play on the power play or does his shot find the net enough.

5)barret jackman is a stud. he should being getting top line billing on the power play.

6) erik johnson has a lot of potential and is strong with the puck. though he made some defensive mistakes mostly from bad positioning and that bad choice pinching in at the end of the game. but otherwise he's sweet. in fact if i ranked the d men right now(though i'm sort of overlooking erik's youth), i'd go jackman, brewer, johnson. and after that well... i haven't seen wagner play but i was excited about his signing last year. he's got the ability to move the puck and without a good transition game it's a moot point that these blues are full of speed and skill.

7)the defensive pairings are highly questionable. i think erik should play with barret and brewer with wagner. then salvador with backman who still looks fairly lost out there. he's got sense for the game and talent but he has some glaring holes in his game especially in the neutral zone.

if anyone has differing opinions please tell me about them. there's nothing like a healthy argument to learn something abou the game.
October 1, 2007 2:19 PM ET | Delete
I would agree with perrron and Johnston great job I still worry about your goaltendingFlamestr
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