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After the game against Chicago I thought the lines were muddled and didn't shine through with players strength. The only line that looked really any good at all was Weight, Marty and Perron. That being said I'd like to propse a few different line possibilities and hear what you think and what lines you can come up with.

In the preseason the line of Weight, Boyes and Perron was pretty dominate. That said I still think Weight is better served as a winger now a days which leads to some interesting thoughts on where to play him and how that would effect line combinations. I have not looked up the numbers but I have noticed that Weight tends to lose his draws on the face offs which appear to be critical in today's NHL.

Here are some possible lines:

Weight Boyes Perron
Kariya Tkachuk Stempniak
Rucinsky McClement Mike Johnson
Hinote Mayers Ryan Johnson

What should really happen though is the Blues should bring a player up from Peoria. In my mind the Blues need a bigger guy so I rate the call ups as follows: Linglet, Glumac, Statsny, as of now.

If that were to happen then on the third line I'd replace mike Johnson with Linglet. I'd then drop Mike Johnson down to take Ryan Johnson's place with Mayers centering the line with Hinote. Otherwise the only change I'd make is to put Weight inbetween Kariya and Boyes and have Tkachuk with Perron and Lee.

That's the way I see it now. I am very interested in what my fellow fans think and have to say.
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