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Saturday's game

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I usually never try to blame the refs in hockey...it's a tough sport to officiate and i already assume that the refs are gonna basically suck to some extent to someone on the ice. Saturday night though...that was brutal. NHL states that a stick horizontal to the ice surface and placed into an opposing players abdomen area or higher is hooking. Any use of a stick to impede the forward progression of an opponent and that is not an attempt to play the puck is a penalty.

So I watched hooking go uncalled when it was occuring on both sides and then i watch some invisible acts get whistled down. i saw a blues player charging to the net with the puck the Wild player use his stck to trip him and no penalty on the Wild but lo and behold a penalty on the Blues. I just thought the game was poorly called and hurt the flow and the Blues.

Walt what's the deal? Soon as you go down by two goals you show you have another gear and level you can play at. Where was it the rest of the game??? I'm not saying Walt played bad or great but he suddenly showed some high octane explosiveness in the third down two goals. I will also question why there isn't any traffic in front of the net on the pp?????

There was some solid play by both sides throughout the game. The goaltending was good except for a brief forty-something seconds when each tender let in a softy. That was the momentum breaker there in the game. If the Blues seal up the period and harding goes into the locker room with that goal on his mind and Minnesota knowing they had been dominating but tied at one then the Blues would win.
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