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Legace's postioning has been much better since the first two games and he has played great. Ryan Johnson has been producing points and playing pretty solid. I was hounding him and Jammer both. I criticized their inability to be productive and consequently hurting the team. I criticized their shut down abilities. So far they proved me wrong and proved me right.

If they can keep up the production and take care of their defensive responsibilities they make our team potent. My concern was their inability to produce because in my mind it's those one or two goals that a fourth line(or on Andy Murray's team third gold line), puts a team over the top and usually makes the difference in a game. So far that has been the case. Those goals they have put up have in effect shut the opposing teams out of the game and relieved the pressure on the top lines. It makes a difference for a Kariya or Weight not to have to push to hard for a goal like they were doing in the second period of the Colorado game to negative results.

So far I was wrong about those players and have been impressed by their play. I have especially been impressed by Mayers play so far this season. He played a more responsible game and shows an understanding of the game I don't think he had earlier in his career. Even minus his goals he has had a strong game to begin the season.

Bryce Salvador has been playing the way I always thought he could play. It has not been frustrating to watch him play this year. He has shown game sense, kept the area in front of the net clear and played strong along the boards. Now the finger slides to Backman. But I have to say at some point during the game against Colorado he seemed to wake up and play a strong game. I hope he continues.

Let's Go Blues!!!
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