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trustinjarmo knows nothing, MO • United States • 38 Years Old • Male
consider for a second the last draft pick from the judge huston ordeal was zach parise and then think of what that has made us fans feel. now flash forward. salvador not the greatest to play the game but a guy worth more than a cam janssen and yet this is what we got. now last year during the draft the bllues went with in the late rounds peluso instead of picking up the local with talent pat maroon. philly swooped him with the next pick.

does this make sense to anyone?

there go season tickets for next year.

are you kidding me? our team has trouble scoring not trouble fighting. i don't care where cam is from this is a bad trade. we got nothing new jersey wins yet again and hits it up in us without lube which we obviously don't need after the last ream job we got from them.

so now what? do they resign ryan johnson and put out three checking lines and the motto next year is: blue note code #2---we not score, we might not even win but we'll beat the poop out of you.
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