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It's Time

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Like Andy Strickland was saying it's time for the Blues to make some tough descions. I think Andy is correct in his opinions about Backman. I think he will be a good player at some point and I wonder if a change of scenery might just be the thing that would do it for him. It will be hard descion to make especially as the Blues start to bring in talent from Sweden. Backman can help these young players transition to life in America. So it makes it even harder. But the Blues have to move a D-man soon. I don't know how you can drop Wagner. He's been so smooth and perfect in his own zone. He reads the plays like he's been playing in the NHl for three or more years. He's got the ability to provide offensively as well. So which Dman do the Blues move? Do they maybe send Steve down while waiting for a better trade? I mean this is crazy because they have defensemen down in Peoria who could be playing in the show right now. Walker continues to grow as a player which makes it even harder, because he's good at being scratched for multiple games in a row and then coming in.

Perron needs to play. One of the sickest lines I've seen was Weight, Perron and Boyes. It was like they were reading eachothers' minds and keeping the puck on a string. I think the Blues should know by now that Perron belongs in the show. I understand what they are doing with him and it makes sense but his talent is such that he's ready to go.

Which brings to my next point. The Blues might just want to move Rucinsky at the deadline or if a real good deal comes their way. I really like Marty. He might not always get the point production but he opens up the ice for the rest of the team. He's got a great skill set and reads the game with the best of them. But towards the trade deadline Oshie's going to be getting closer to being finished with his season in college and should be ready to join the Blues. In the mean time there are a number of possible replacements in Peoria that could take that roster spot.

What I want to believe is that the Blues will continue to replinish the young talent and so making trades my hope is they will try to hit up on high draft picks especially in the upcoming draft which is said to be pretty strong.
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