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under construction.

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the first part and notes for a future blog where i lazily save it onto hockeybuzz instead on my own machine. i repeat, this is not a complete piece. any recomendations, questions and comments that are helpful are welcome. thank for your patience and consideration for my laziness. ;-)

here's something interesting my fellow fans. a quote from murray out of rutherford's afternoon skate:
“I think we weren’t happy with a number of our performances in Calgary and Steve didn’t have a strong game . . . he knows it,” Murray said. “We want to give Erik (Johnson) an opportunity tonight.”

D.J. King is also scratched. “With D.J., it’s based on the skill in their lineup. We felt we want to see Perron play.”

i think we all questioned king in the line up against buffalo and the skill factor and no fighters besides peters who wasn't in the line up. so what gives?
and here again, now i swear to god i saw at least three plays that are vividly burned into my memory where brewer made rookie mistakes and yet wagner was pointed out. so what gives?

maybe it's a method of keeping the kids hungry and teaching them the game? that's all i can come up with. i can agree with murray that in the minnesota game erik johnson got away from his game and gave the feeling like he was showing off. so i could see sitting him one game. and i've seen in practices where erik is singled out and yelled at and i can understand this, keep the ego small, remind them they're part of team a guy with all the talent should work just as hard in practice as the guy with less talent.
and i got a feeling that in perron's last game prior to this he made some bad sort of plays maybe getting away from a stronger game and becoming offensive at the right moments. i recall the look on walt's face when the kid held onto the puck too long once. to sit so long, i don't know but as i said according to an article on tsn.ca jd stated that there's a plan in place to get perron 55 games.

which begs the question concerning brewer, why has he not been instructed in the press box? what aspect are we not privy to? is he being show cased? doubtful. but then again, next year we have seven million coming off the books for sure from weight's, rucinsky's and drake's contracts. seven million and we're near the cap as it stands now. is that enough to cover boyes, jackman and salvador to name three potential important signings? though salvador has been fairly consistently a good dman and great on others what is his true value at a time when numerous players are tending to be over-valued? ditto goes for jackman. there's a precedent that has been set for defensemen on the blues.
and as far as brad boyes is concerned the current overpaying over younger unproven players and a guy who had a great rookie year and a ho-hum second year tells the story of inconsistency but yet has the skill set of someone like cory stillman. meaning overtime undoubtedly, i'd like to believe that the consistency comes together with him. accordingly at this time he's approaching appromimately $5 million a year type of player. and if an rfa offersheet good lord only knows what edmonton, washington, phoenix, pittsburgh, buffalo, dallas, or atlanta might being willing to pay.

all i know is we are loaded with 'cheap' talent in the minors but there's a learning curve in place also. so one way or another you get taxed, either monetarily for experience or by the results of inexperience. this is a great reason why you need four intelligent brains minimum working on these problems. but the bottom line is you need balance. the same balance that veteran and youth combined team brings. then you consider marketing. it's hard to sell a new team year after year with the fans not sure who there team is anymore. plus there's that time a fan spends cheering for guy and that emotional investment sells jersies, posters, kid's dreams and fans' hopes. but then a guy who wants to win maybe discounts a short contract to keep the team competitive and at time he's hungry until he gets the ring then he wants to cash in for the big dollars and not invest as much energy(there are those guys). some are always hungry. how do gms and presidents of hockey operations and vps and assitant gms make the right calls? how do you avoid being like burke and tying a young team up with long term contracts where you remove the carrot from in front of the cart or end up signing a penner who shows up to camp out of shape? didn't vancouver once have a similiar problem back in the nineties where it became too comfortable and their hunger to win was questioned?(yes actually they did). and is there such a thing as an absolutely fair arbitration judge? one who can discern fair market value versus attracting a talent by overcompenating said player and can evaluate talent versus performance promise versus acheivement, specultive investment versus solid investment?

gms and braintrusts today are like a guy riding a unicycle on a highwire while juggling chainsaws and texting on his cell phone. and how do you continue to promote hockey to the masses who prefer less expensive games where you can just walk outside and play on any surface? where a number of people have mentioned to me they love watching hockey live but can't stand to watch it on the television?

these are my constant conerns. the viewpoint i try to take to uncover what is occuring with my team and other teams. i'm not sure why i care that much only it's like a puzzle, like playing poker where you only have partial knowledge of the hand and you try to deduce from a multitude of actions, silent, boisterous, too strong, too weak, logically from the cards you can see versus your hand and from a storage of imformation from previous hands and statisical analysis and just a bit of gut feeling to find out when and if you get the chance to see if you were coreect when the hand's shown down. my question is, in the current nhl structure how is it possible to construct a dynasty? specifically a dynasty in st. louis.
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