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With Todd Bertuzzi making his first appearance against Vancouver since he has left, alot of emotions have been flying around. I am really looking for answers... this is why

Something I wan't to get off my chest for some time is the events leading up to Bertuzzi's hit on moore. The fact that Moore blatently elbowed Naslund ( Bertuzzi's linemate, His best friend ) only 2 weeks prior. Why was nothing done to disipline Moore for that event ? Obviously Bertuzzi took matters into his own hands much like other people that feel justice isn't served correctly by the law, or the people in charge, but he did it for his team, he did it for the loyality to his bestfriend, and most importantly, and this is probably what fuled the suspension, he did it to send a message old school style ... DON'T MESS WITH OUR BEST PLAYER...

What did that get him ? He's never been the same, he's lucky to be playing in the NHL, and now everyone including his past teamates consider him a washed up bum. I am a bit discusted at this whole situation, and will always be until someone from Vancouver explains it, or at least comments about the whole thing. Bertuzzi did what 17 other guys on the bench wanted to do.

I always refeer it to someone taking the law into their own hands
For example, a battered and beaten wife who reports her abuse to the police time and time again, but continues to get beaten. She eventually takes matters into her own hands.

I am not suggesting what bertuzzi did is exactly the same as a battered wife, all I am saying is the simularities between the people in charge not being accountable for the actions that take place. I know Bert was the one who punched him, I know Bertuzzi got the the punishment, but why was the NHL off the hook for letting it all get to this ?

Most recently I have been ridiculed for my thoughts, saying that I am condoning people to go out and break people's necks just because they elbowed someone.

My response

For one Bertuzzi didn't break moores neck with 1 punch, the onslaught crowd that piled on top of them did. I have never blamed Bert for breaking his neck. It was just a madder of what happened after. You must of saw that on the thousand replays of the incident.

I would never wish anyone's neck to be broken either, that's crazy, but if Matt Cooke does infact run around and take out a Superstar like Naslund was pre 94 then YES I do agree with redemption. Who doesn't ?

Don't get me started...
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November 28, 2007 11:48 AM ET | Delete
To say that Bertuzzi did not cause the serious injury to Moore is really quite ludicrous. From video replay, my bet would be that his neck broke when he hit it ice unconscious. Here's the YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOAxYWeQWxE (make sure you watch the end when Bertuzzi comments on the McSorley/Brashear hit. Irony is pretty ironic sometimes). From what I can tell, the Moore hit on Naslund was in the flow of the play/game.....did he deliberately elbow him to cause injury? I can't tell. Naslund is going down, and Moore delivers the hit. I've seen worse hits to the head that were clean hits (Armstrong on Letowski, last season). The vicious hit apologists who defend the goons of this league are only doing damage to an already tarnished NHL image. For once, I would like to see the players association actually defend the victims as ardently and passionately as they do the perpetrators of these ASSAULTS. At least the league to handing out suspensions that seem reasonable. Bertuzzi should have had to sit out the 2005-2006 season as well. His suspension was for one year. Technically, he did not miss any games, as no games were played that year due to the lockout. Bertuzzi needs a college degree so he can leave the game for good.
November 28, 2007 12:17 PM ET | Delete
Dude! "Bertuzzi did what 17 other guys on the bench wanted to do." Break a guys neck and end his career? I can't believe the words that you are writing! What if someone walked into your office and ended your career? Wouldn't you want justice? I have seen that hit at least one-thousand times and Moore was out as soon as his head hit the ice! The damage had already been done. On top of that Bert took out Moore when his back was turned to him. I have no problem with players taking up for their own players but, do it like a man (Face to Face) don't be a coward and attack from behind. Bert could have beat the crap out of him without the cheap shot from behind. I know that there are many excuses out there for Bert but, the bottom line is he did what he did and he shouldn't be able to play this game anymore. Mr. Moore can't (at no fault of his own) so why should he. You can say that the NHL has not been held responsible for what led up to this but, they have been a lot better of late suspending players for dirty/dangerous hits. Take for example Scott Hartnell. Last seasons hit on Cheechoo and the more recent one just the other day. So, in a way the NHL is holding themselves to a higher standard now than when this first occured. Sorry I just don't agree with your view and maybe it's because you are loyal to a former Canuck. But, Thank God we live in a free country, so we can agree to disagree!
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