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Ryan Kesler the answer ?

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I remember a few years ago when Bobby Clarke splashed the water with the whole offer sheet thing, with Ryan Kesler. Little did he know what kind of message that really sent. I believe that the NHL is now in a state of rebuilding, and long gone are the days where a player could just go to the highest bidder. I am going to focus on Kesler here, because of obvious reasons.

Anyway what happened to Kesler when that offer sheet was countered by Vancouver? well I will tell you, that day, that very moment Vancouver made a decision that life after the twins could be a possibility, life after their 1-2 punch of cycle frustration is in the horizion, and this cowboy's name is Ryan Kesler. Don't get me wrong, I am all for the Sedins, and I hope the best for them, all I am saying is the future of the Canucks are no longer on their shoulders.

When Kesler was offered that outrageous contract by Philly, I remember looking at it and feeling several emotions. Mostly hatred towards Philly for doing such a thing, then sorrow for the canucks because they were backed into a corner and they had to defend them selfs. Thankfully it all worked out in the end. Or did it. How has Kesler responded in the last few years ?

Year Team GP G A Pts
2006-07 VAN 48 6 10 16
2007-08 VAN 64 17 12 29

I guess that's an improvement? But is it 1.8Million worth of a improvement from a guy that gets regular time on the powerplay. He plays with Naslund any given night. But he is also being molded into a Trevor Linden. So what next. Do we stay the course and Kesler ends the season with 30 + points or do we decide that perhaps this kid that we had so much believe in can actually be a scorer. I think he can.

Everyone needs a chance.
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