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"Petapaw's Hockey Rants "
Charlottetown, PEI • Canada • 32 Years Old • Male
Petapaw [email protected] Petapaw
Long gone are the days where a team stays loyal to it's players. Heck I understand that the NHL that we are in today, you need wins and you need to do whatever you have to do to win. BUT what the hell happened to Respect.

So many things are flying through my head right now.

But the most obvious is - When we are struggling so much, and having to deal with injuries like we are, don't you think turning back and looking at guys that are leaders would be the way to go? Wait a second.. you sat the Canucks best Leader Trevor Linden. Let alone probably the Canucks best Shootout chance

Linden has to have the strongest will in the game to sit back and watch the likes of Jeff Cowan get repeated starts over him.

I have finally had it with the Coaching staff ignoring a legend and a true leader with Linden. A man that has done so much for everything, is getting treated like a piece of meat. Like cheap Hamburger Meat.

When I first heard that Linden was a healthy scratch at the beginning of the season, I didn't like it, but I understood. We were still somewhat winning games. At least scoring goals. But as the season wore on and the Canucks obviously started to struggled in many ways, the Canucks seemed to Ignore Linden and only go back to him when needed, almost because of the media pressure.

It's very dissapointing sitting here watching the Canucks struggle in a big way, when everyone above us ( Calgary, Colorado) are winning at ease. And this whole injury thing as a excuse is bogus... look at Colorado they are winning games without Sakic, and Ryan Smyth. Just imagine the kind of trouble we would be in if Naslund or one of the twins were out for months like them ...

Linden is getting older I see that, but I guarntee he is in better shape than guys like Brown, or Cowan. I am so sick and tired of this I just want to scream. I feel bad for Linden, I feel bad for the fans, and most importantly I feel sick to my stomach that the Canucks picked ( tough guy fist-a-cuffs) over a dedicated lifetime player like Linden.

For frig sakes even loud mouth idiots like Jeremy Roenick are getting more respect.
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