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Hi! I'm Flyersrock, and right now I'm bored, so I'm going to be starting a "series" of blogs with my opinion on what I think the 2011/2012 NHL season will look like. There are going to be 8 parts of this "series". This will include how i think the East Standings, West Standings, East playoffs, west playoffs, and the Stanley Cup Final will turn out. The other 4 blogs will be on the draft order (who get'\s the top 10 picks), the league leaders in their respective categories (GAA, Points, G, A, ect), and to conclude, the NHL Awards! Now remember people: This is a 17 year old writing this, and the choice of words, ect, will not be as up to par as the older bloggers!!! And please, do not be a (richard) in the comments section if your team is not where you think they should be!!!
And as a heads up, the little * that I put in front of the points means AROUND that vicinity! So give or take 5 points please!
Well with all the crap done being said, without further ado, your 2011/2012 NHL East Predictions!

2011/2012 Eastern Conference Standings

1. Washington Capitals- *115 Points- Thomas Vokoun. They got their #1 goalie now, and I see them contending for the Prez trophy.

2. Boston Bruins- *105 Points- Now the big question for Boston: Can Timmy T perform as well as he did last year, or will he go back to being that back-up behind Rask? I think he can do it again (I don't think he will put up the Superman #'s he put up last year, but I still see him being a top 5 goalie in the league), if he doesn't perform, Boston will plummet down to around the #5 spot or so.

3. Pittsburgh Penguins- *104 Points- Again, another HUGE question mark: Will Crosby be healthy? Will he be the same Crosby? Can he even play this year? Now I'm putting them in the #3 spot, WITH Crosby playing. Now without him for an extended time will be extremely troublesome for the Pens. I'll be frankly. They're totally (frank)ed if Crosby doesn't play. I know they did it last year, but I just can't see them doing it again.

4. Tampa Bay Lightning- *105 Points- St. Louis to Stamkos. Nuff said. Didn't lose anything big, didn't gain much. i have them around the same point total as last year.

5. Philadelphia Flyers- *100 points- Ya ya, I know I'm a homer, but really, they aren't that bad. They've added a top 7 goalie in the league, and they've still got a solid d-corpse. We've also got the best prospect in hockey [thanks LA! ]. I still think they finish top 5 in the conference. Lowest they go is 6th IMO.

6. Buffalo Sabres- *99 Points- They've added 2 very good dmen in Regehr and Ehrhoff. Myers will only get better, and as far as I'm concerned, they have a top 3 goalie in the league. They will challenge Philly hard for that #5 spot.

7. Montreal Canadiens- *96 Points- Scott Gomez will surprise everybody and put up huge numbers this year... obviously kidding, at most he puts up 50 points (if lucky). If I had to choose an X-Factor, it'd be Carey Price and P.K. Subban.

8. NY Rangers- *94 Points- This is a team that added a top centerman to their team. They have the 2nd best goalie in the world (best if Thomas doesn't perform). But they still have weak spots on the "D". They will battle Montreal for that #7 spot.
9. NJ Devils- *90 Points- They added arguably the best prospect in the draft, and a healthy Parise. I still don't think they're a playoff team. Too many teams got better (Buffalo, Washington, NYR) for them to make it this year. Sorry NJD fans, 1 more year without the playoffs for you. Maybe even more when Marty retires...

10. Carolina Hurricanes- *88 Points- They didn't really add anything to better their team, or worsen it.. they stay around the same point total, and miss the playoffs. Jeff Skinner will put up 70 points this year. Mark that down.

11. Toronto Maple Leafs- *87 Points- The East outside of the playoffs will be super tight this year. I now think the East is a much stronger conference than the West. This a'int doing the Leafs no justice. Reimer will be a beast this year, and yes, this is not a joke, Kessel will come out and put up 70-80 points this year. Nikolai Kulemin is an underrated FW. They've also got a good d-corpse, much stronger than NJD, Carolina's. Sorry Leaf fans, yet another year missing out!

12. NY Islanders- *82 Points- All their young players (isn't that like their entire team!?), will step it up this year. Al Montoya will put up respectable #'s for them as their starter, and DiPie will be in the minors by the end of the year. I think they made a mistake in choosing Strome over Couturier (YES!). I think he's going to be a good FW, but he's so damn small! He could probably go through Chara's legs!

13. Winnipeg Jets- *80 Points- All right. First of YAY! THE JETS ARE BACK BABY! And congrats Winnipegger's, and former Jet's fans! Although you sort of inherit a rebuilding team... Evander Kane will have a HUGE year, and put up 60-70 points. Also, if they do end up keeping Bogo, I see him finally busting out of that shell, and put those "bust" rumours to bed. They also made a mistake on passing on Couturier (again, THANK YOU!)

14. Florida Panthers- *78 Points- Yes, GM Tallon went out and got every FA on the planet earth this off-season, but they still got no goalie, and no d. Hey, at least they all live in sunny Florida, right!?

15. Ottawa Senators- *68 Points- Let's face it, the Sens suck donkey ass. They just aren't very good. Not much to look forward to this year Sens fans, sorry. Waffles anyone?

Well that concludes Part 1, thanks for reading! I will be back with Part 2 in another day or so! (please comment below!)

Part 1- Eastern Conference Standings Predictions- complete!
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Part 6- Draft Order, who will be chosen as the #1 pick!?- 9-11 days
Part 7- 2011/2012 League Leaders- 12-13 days
Part 8- NHL Award Winners Predictions!- 14-16 days
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August 19, 2011 10:11 PM ET | Delete
You are the best, keep going or I'll find you.
August 19, 2011 10:16 PM ET | Delete
<3 you Frenchie! Although I need front page, and i'm not getting it. If nobody's gonna read, why bother wasting all this time?
August 19, 2011 10:25 PM ET | Delete
I'll help you out then read the blog :p
August 19, 2011 10:25 PM ET | Delete
Devils missing the playoffs grrrrrrI shouldn't have commented....
August 19, 2011 10:30 PM ET | Delete
I think we share the same brain... This what I predict as well. Ottawa is a question mark in my opinion though.
August 19, 2011 10:32 PM ET | Delete
@laughs: ya it seems that way! Haha. So I guess I will continue. Might blog the West standings tonight!
August 19, 2011 10:57 PM ET | Delete
This is a comment on this blog.
August 20, 2011 10:09 AM ET | Delete
Well said nfph. 100% agreed.
August 23, 2011 12:07 AM ET | Delete
good job brah!
August 30, 2011 4:47 AM ET | Delete
These are good. Some of the material seems very similar to mine though :p lol Its all good man, keep going.
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