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As we're getting ready for what should be a very exciting and eventful offseason, this season should see a lot of goalie movement. I will list off all the Goalies of importance (aka not backups) who i think will be moved, or sign somewhere else

Buffalo: Miller (trade)
Calgary: Kipper (retire)
Chicago: Emery (UFA)
LAK: Bernier (RFA)
Minny: Backstrom (UFA)
NYI: Nabakov (UFA)
Philly: Bryz (Buyout)
Phx: Smith (UFA)
Van: Luongo (Buyout)

these are the headliners for available goalies this offseason. Jonathan Bernier can be a starter in this league, and he is all but gone with Quick locked up long term. No reason for him to stay in the LA organization anymore. And his trade value is as high as it will ever be

Kipper will retire as he's already stated. He's only slated to make 1.5M next year, and i wouldnt want to play whipping boy at that age when i've already collected my millions either.
Buffalo doesnt have much of a market for Miller. It will come down to 5 teams, but really IMO only 3 he will really go to, other 2 i'd be surprised. 1. Edmonton, 2. Minny, 3. NYI 4. Phoenix 5. San Jose. Youll see why Calgary isnt on that list later on

Edmonton and Minny are doubtful. Minny is already cap strapped, and have young players they need to resign. They are paying Suter and Parise millions. He also doesnt really fit in Edmonton either. Edmonton will have to resign some of their core in 1-2 years, and Miller will want a LTC. Doesnt make much sense. Plus im a Duby believer. Kid has talent.

NYI is the most likely destination for me. Everything fits perfectly. No future at goalie for them, they have tons of cap space, and lots of good prospects and their 1st round pick this year. Everything fits the criteria. However Miller has a list of 5 teams he can say "(frank) you" to and not accept a trade there. NYI may very well be on that list. Buffalo would surely ask for Nino+ 15th overall to start it off, and that might be all they get. This is the most likely destination for me

Phoenix fits the criteria as well. Tons of cap, tons of good prsopects, no #1 if SMith leaves. I'd think Buffalo asks for Rundblad+13th for sure.

San Jose: Yes i know. doesnt make much sense to some i bet. Niemi up for Vezina, best year of his career. Simnply put he hasnt got the job done in San Jose. YES it is hardly his fault at all, but Miller could put that team into a deep playoff run. He's been more consistant than Niemi has over the course of his career. Niemi+20th for Miller+ mid prospect is what i think

So say Miller ends up going to NYI. Ok so thats one down. Here's where i have the remaining goalies going:

Bernier to Calgary. Makes all the sense in the world. Calgary has 3 picks. They trade St Louis pick (22nd overall) and maybe like a 3rd or 4th for Bernier. Good deal for both sides. Calgary gets the best non starter in the league and future goalie. Can sign him long term, Bernier gets what he wants. Thats why i dont have Miller going there.

2 down 6 to go. And only Buffalo, Edmonton, Florida, Minny, Philly, Phoenix needing these 6 goalies...

Lets start with Looooouuuu. Everyone in the NHL world knows he's gone. Lets see what place makes the most sense. Florida does make a lot of sense, but they do have Jacob Markstrom... would Lou really be ok splitting AGAIN? Philly? Or will the media crush him like the Philly media does to every god forskaen goalie we (frank)ing sign?

In the end I think he ends up in Florida... Markstrom will be the next Bernier, sign for 2 years then leave in 2 years to another team.

5 to go. Now going to match the remaining 5 goalies with the teams i THINK will go to
Buffalo: Nabby: Signs cheap, splits time with Enroth. 1 year deal.
Edmonton: Emery: Good guy to have behind Duby, and will push Duby to be better. Perfect fit. 2-3 year deal
Minny: Smith: Same system, better team. Smith is a good fit.
Philly: Backstrom: Good fit for Philly. 2 year deal, good goalie, can stay till Mason is ready IF he's ready
Phoenix: Bryz. Goes back to his old team with no pressure. Seeya Bryz.

SO here are the new additions for all the teams next season!

Buffalo: Nabby/Enroth
Calgary: Bernier/???
Edmonton: Duby/Emery
Florida: Lou/Markstrom
Minny: Smith/Harding
NYI: Miller/Poulin
Philly: Backstrom/S. Mason
Phoenix: Bryz/???

My top 30 mock draft of this years draft with draft picks changing will be coming up next tomorrow!
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June 5, 2013 3:49 PM ET | Delete
Luongo to Pit for Fleury. Calgary will not give up 2 picks for Bernier especially a 1st round. I think they, Calgary are going to use their picks to trade up. Big possibility.
June 5, 2013 6:38 PM ET | Delete
Calgary would be stupid to give up picks for Bernier, especially with Irving not being far off from Berniers skillset
June 5, 2013 8:31 PM ET | Delete
Buffalo will not sign nabby, we have enroth and matt hackett we recently aquired. We would be happy with either trade to nyi or phoenix, definatley prefer phoenix deal tho.
June 5, 2013 9:55 PM ET | Delete
Bryz and Luongo have huge slaries to buyout. Easy to say they will be when its not our money, but its hard to see an owner willing to write up a 20 milllion cheque. Maybe bryz but I think Lu can be traded for peanuts. Better than buying him out
June 7, 2013 3:45 PM ET | Delete
Irving will likely not be in the NHL next season and has no bearing on Flames goal decisions. Calgary has Ramo as a starter and Berra so I doubt they move on Bernier unless the price is reasonable - like a roster player plus a later pick and a prospect.
June 8, 2013 3:53 PM ET | Delete
Lu will not e bought out because it is just too much moneyPittsburgh suddenly becomes possible as does FloridaEmery could be a good fit in Toronto
June 11, 2013 12:49 PM ET | Delete
This offseason sounds like goalies will be moved a lot throughout the national hockey league and some big names will get moved during the offeseason.Here are my predictions. Ryan Miller will get traded at the draft from Buffalo to Colorado for Seth Jones (1st overall pick). Patrick Roy wants a franchise goaltender in net for the Avalanche and Miller would be the perfect guy to grab in net for the Avalanche. The Kings will trade Jonathan Bernier to Buffalo and he will be their new goalie. Buffalo will clear up house and trade away Thomas Vanek to Vancouver for Ryan Kesler. L.A. will get Jarome Iginla in the offseason and he will sign for only 2 million dollars because he has played under Darryl Sutter during his time in Calgary. Jason Labarbera will come back and sign a one year deal with the Kings to back up Jonathan Quick. Rob Scuderi will leave the Kings organization and sign in his hometown in Long Island (N.Y. Islanders). The Flyers will buy out Ilya Bryzgalov and he will take a big pay cut and come back to the Phoenix Coyotes where he has had success.Tim Thomas will decide to retire after taking a season off and the Islanders will let Evgeni Nabakov become a free agent. The Florida Panthers will pull out of the Luongo trade and sign goaltender Evgeni Nabakov to help mentor future franchise goaltender Jacob Markstrom. The N.Y. Islanders will go out and acquire Luongo from the Canucks for Nino Nedderieter. The Canucks will hire John Tortorella to coach the Vancouver Canucks. They have the cap space and Luongo will return right to where he first played in the NHL. The Canucks will also let Derek Roy walk and he will sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs and become the center they have been looking for. Brad Richards stays in the Big Apple and has a comeback year under head coach and GM Lindy Ruff. Mike Riberio will come back to the Montreal Canadians. Evander Kane will leave Winnipeg will either go to Edmonton, Vancouver, Colorado, or the NY Islanders. Boston will decide not to keep Nathan Horton due to his previous injuries and he will sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Mike Smith will walk away from the Coyotes and will sign with the Calgary Flames. Goaltender Karri Ramo from the KHL will return to the NHL and backup Mike Smith in Calgary. Detroit will lose Vlatteri Fillpula and he will sign with the Calgary Flames and join former teammate Jiri Hudler. They will also be known as the Calgary Flame Wings.Anaheim will trade Jonas Hiller including Bobby Ryan to Pittsburgh for Goaltender Marc-Andre Fluery and Tyler Kennedy. Marc-Andre Fluery and Victor Fasth will be competing together in net for the Anaheim Ducks. Minnesota Wild will not be able to afford Nicklas Backstrom. Sergei Bobrovsky will get on the cover of NHL 14 and he will bolt for the KHL and Nicklas Backstrom will sign with the Columbus Blue Jackets to be their new starting goaltender. Jaromir Jagr will call it quits with the Boston Bruins after losing in the finals to the Blackhawks in 7 games. Tuuka Rask signs an 8 year contract to stick with the Boston Bruins for fifty million dollars. That’s it for my offseason predictions. Tell me if you think I am wrong or not.
June 12, 2013 1:34 PM ET | Delete
Calgary will not trade for another goalie. They have Kari Ramo signed. His numbers in the KHL are sick. Irving will not make the NHL roster; he does not have what it takes. Plus they have Yogi (sic) Berra as well that will be in training camp.
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