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Anyone who takes Andrew MacDonald's contract will instantly become my 3rd favourite team, SK • Canada • 1 Years Old • Male
First off, I'd like to say that I've had a pretty miserable week so far. 1st with going bcck to school. Then on Tuesday I found out that my great grandpa, who was a former scout for the NJ Devils, had passed away. My grandma and grandpa got a call from Lou Lamoriello, who gave his condolences to our family. He was also still paying him, even though he retired about 5 years ago from scouting, and called him one of the best scouts they've ever had. He also gave his 3 stanley cup rings to my step-dad, uncle, and cousin. He gave his conference ring to the girl cousin. I cannot say in words how much respect i gained for Lou. He gave him T.V.'s, golf clubs, and all sorts of free stuff. R.I.P. Great grandpa. Then yesterday I find out fellow Saskatoon boy Wade Belak was found dead, and that just really (frank)ed me up. One of the funniest guys in the NHL. I almost shed tears. He was a great, funny, awesome guy. It sucks. Hearing all those players on their take on him just made it worse. If he did commit suicide, I think all of us will be wondering, why would he do that? Life seemed great for him. He even said that himself. Man what a poopty week for me.

Anyways, today is my blog on my predictions for the Stanley Cup playoffs. I will make it longer by doing game by game predictions. Cheers.


1. Washington Capitals vs. 2. LA Kings!

Game 1 in Washington: Washington with the "W"
Game 2 in Washington: Washington with the "W"
Game 3 in LA: LA with the "W"
Game 4 in LA: LA with the "W"
Game 5 in Washington: Washington with the "W"
Game 6 in LA: Washington with the "W" to win the Stanley Cup!

Why the outcome: Washington has always had a good playoff team. But they finally got their #1 goalie. LA is a young team, with not a ton of playoff experience. These teams are very even on paper. I believe the 3 headed monster of Backstrom, Ovechkin and Vokoun will propel Washington over LA. Don't worry LA fans, you'll get your cup within the next 5 years!

I will probably be doing a Flyers points predictions blog before the next blog on the draft. I will cover how much points each player will get, that includes GWG, SH Points, PP Points, ect.

Part 1- Eastern Conference Standings Predictions- complete!
Part 2- Western Conference Standings Predictions- complete!
Part 3- East Playoffs Predictions- complete!
Part 4- West Playoffs Predictions- complete!
Part 5- Stanley Cup Final Predictions- complete!
***SPECIAL*** Flyers point predictions- 1-2 days!
Part 6- 2011/2012 League Leaders- 5-7 days!
Part 7- NHL Award Winners Predictions- 8-10 days!
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Hey rock. Good blog. Sorry for you loss man. Hang in there. This too shall pass.
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