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Well I guess I sort of lied when I said it'd be 2-3 days for the next blog, as it's now 6 days after... my bad.
Today as you could tell by the title, i'm doing how I think the West playoffs will turn out this year! Cheers!


1. Vancouver vs. 8. Calgary- Vancouver in 5. Why?: Simple: Vancouver has everything. Great offence, great defence, and an overrated goalie, who's still pretty good. Calgary just does not match up to Vancouver at all.

2. LA vs. 7. Chicago- LA in 6. Why?: LA now has everything as well. They've got probably the best FW depth in the league, a good d-corpse, and 2 solid, solid goaltenders in Quick and Bernier. LA is the team to beat coming out of the West this year.

3. Detroit vs. 6. San Jose- Detroit in 6. Why?: Detroit is the best playoff team of the past 5 years. And a team that has choked in the playoffs year after year will not phase them.

4. Anaheim vs. 5. Nashville- Anaheim in 6. Why?: Well they've got arguably the best line in the game, a possible Vezina trophy candidate goalie, and a pretty damn good d-corpse. I think I put Nashville a little high, probably could've moved San Jose ahead of them, but hey, i've gotta stick to my predictions.


1. Vancouver vs. 4. Anaheim- Anaheim in 7. Why?: Oh boy. I'm gonna get a lot of flack and poop from 'Nucks fans, but I picked the SC winners to get upstaged in the 1st round, And my gut feeling has Anaheim going deep. Anaheim will physically punish the Canucks, torture them, and upset them.

2. LA vs. 3. Detroit- LA in 5. Why?: I'm sticking to my prediction with LA going deep. They've got the team to beat. They're going all the way IMO. Detroit will not fare well with their extremely mediocre goaltender tending them, and LA will torment them offensively. I'm expecting LA to score around 4 GPG in that series.


2. LA vs. 4. Anaheim- LA in 7. Why?: All I can say is: if this matchup does somehow come true, this will be the playoff match of the past 5-10 years. You will not want to miss it. These 2 teams are so even in every category, they both have the same strengths, and the same weaknesses IMO. This could go wither way, but I'm calling LA in 7.

Well that raps up my predictions for the 2012 West playoffs folks! Next blog will be super short, and I mean really quite short! It will feature the matchup of the Los Angeles Kings VS. the Washington Capitals! Hope it was a good read, and please comment below!

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