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Hey everyone, I thought for my first post it would be right to start off with my introduction and prediction. Hi… My name is Ed I’m college student in North Carolina and a huge Rangers fan. I grew up in New York and recently moved to North Carolina. I try to watch and go to as many games as I can. I’m really excited about this year! the summer has been way to long.

New York Rangers- As a team I think the Rangers will have a good year. I know that’s sort of vague so I’ll explain. Many writers and other blogs are counting the Rangers out of the playoffs. The only way I see that happening is to have an injury-plagued season (like the NY Mets). I don’t expect and pray that anything other than some bumps and bruises will occur. I think a second place finish in the division behind Pitt and fourth in the conference is fair.

Lundqvist- Over the past three years “The King” has reigned supreme as an elite goalie in the NHL. Last year he recorded his most wins in a single season (38). This year I think its safe to say that the trend will continue and he will grab a healthy (40) wins. Although many fear that Torts new fast play style could hurt Lundqvist I don’t see it being a factor. Another distraction many fear will knock Lundqvist off his game is the Olympics. I disagree his play is exceptional and will carry through the Olympics and into the playoffs. Just think how nice it would be for “The King” to win a medal (probably Bronze) and the cup!

Gaborik- I was extremely excited the day we signed him. He will provide the much-needed offense the Rangers lacked last year. While I don’t think he will hit the 50-goal mark a nice 38-goal season is “doable”. Anything over 38 goals would be a great surprise and the difference between 2nd and 1st in the division. In all, I’m excited to see him in Rangers Blue.

Drury and Kotalik- At least at the start of this year we can guess that these two will be on the same line. Since they played in Buffalo together and made it to the second round of the playoffs. I definitely see good things happening for these two. Kotalik I think will have another 20-goal season and help Drury bump up his stats to a nice 27-28-goal season.

Callahan and Dubinsky- After seeing what Cally can do last year I’m anticipating a great year for him. Especially under Torts and his fast play. He has shown New York he is a hard worker and a great team player. However this year I’m not to set on Dubinsky. Many feel he will develop into the next captain and a number 1 center, I just don’t see it. He has scored 13 and 14 goals in his last two seasons and although he is still young I just don’t have the feel of it.

Brasher and Avery- Of course Brasher will lead the team in PIM and kick the crap out of a lot of players. That’s pretty much all I think anyone can see from him. As for Avery, He will have the best season of his career recording over 20 goals. Avery is now settled into his home (New York) for 3 more years and you will definitely play better when your where you want to be.

That’s pretty much my take on things for the season. Leave comments on what you think. Cant wait for another exciting year of hockey. New post soon to follow. NYR
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