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The Rangers are now 2-1 and show a lot of promise. The attacking style of play has shown a lot in the past three games. First, that it will produce goals and opportunities. Second, that the players are buying into the concept. Third, that it does leave openings for the other team. As for last nights 3-2 win over the Devils give the credit to the young guys and Torts.
Last nights game was a showing of the rivalry between two teams that hate each other. Both teams were hitting hard and playing aggressive. Well not so much for the Rangers in the first 83 seconds they came out a little dull. Unlike former coach Tom Renney (who I was a big fan of) coach John Tortorella called an early timeout and ripped apart the team. Normally I’m not a big fan of coaches that let the team have it in the opening minutes of the first period, but I’m glad I was wrong. It takes a special coach to take a team who came out slow and gave up a goal and turn them around. The combination of the hold Tortorella has on the team and the fact the team shows interest in his strategy is a great sign. The first thing a coach needs to do is make the team believe they know what’s right. Something that Renney had/ appeared to have and lost. What we saw from Torts I think is what will keep this team grounded. However there is a fine line between that could be crossed if things start to break down.
On a really good note how about the young guys! Del Zotto and Gilroy both have scored their first goals and are a factor in this lineup. Both Saturday’s game and yesterday’s game were decided by their goals. This start from both young D-men Del Zotto 19, and Gilroy 25 was the complete opposite I had in mind. I thought that both guys would struggle in the early goings and appear late in the season. I know it’s only been three games but you have to like what these guys are doing.
Overall the team looks good. I think when we play teams like the Penguins lot of breakaway and chances. I think this offensive play can only work if you have a great net minder like Lundqvist. For the first month or two it’s going to be the way it is with a lot of scoring chances for the other team. On nights when the opponent’s goalie is really good it’s going to be extremely hard to score and maybe work to the other teams benefit. Come February I think this team will have it down pat and become a force late in the season.
As for now were going to need to give it all we got and stick with it. I don’t think Henrik will get his first shutout for a little while actually I’m going to go out on a limb and say Nov 12th against the Thrashers. When Avery comes back were going to be that much stronger but I don’t think there’s going to be that big difference of winning and losing when he’s not in the lineup. Great week and cant wait for Thursday’s game vs. the Caps. Lets Go Rangers!!!! NYR
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