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Well not exactly, according to The State of Hockey News the Canadians do. In this article http://mvn.com/thestateof...-rankings-20-thru-11.html posted on August 20th by Derek Felska he rates the top 20 fan bases of the NHL. Each team was judged on

1) Average Attendance
2) A Google search to see how many blogs and message boards each team had
3) How busy the boards and blogs are

While scrolling through the list I found that the Rangers were ranked 12th. On the most part everything seems to be reasonable. He says that support for the team is starting to slip because of the way fans perceive Glen Sather. Over the years his approval rating has fluctuated. Three years ago everyone was thrilled with the signings of Drury and Gomez because they would provide more opportunities for Jagr and the team. Yet once the year ended without the cup approval started to slip. The Rangers were now into year two with Drury and Gomez and their contracts became a growing concern. Then in 08’ the Rangers inked Wade Redden to a 6-year deal. When he didn’t produce his contracted took on even more weight. Now the Rangers are stuck trying to get the necessary pieces to finish the puzzle.

While I agree that the fan base may not be happy with Sather or the team right now. The Rangers are still one of the most popular teams in hockey. Felska writes, “New Yorkers are tough on their teams but they're immensely loyal” which is definitely the case. In the 2008-2009 season the Rangers averaged 99.8% capacity at MSG. Ranking the Rangers 12th in the league in attendance. I was surprised to see we were 12th but the rankings were only for last year. So teams who went on a run this year are going to have more in attendance. Its kind of hard to see the Rangers 12th and teams like the Wild in front of us. What do you expect it was written by a Wild fan.

I think the Rangers have one of the most active fan bases in the NHL. If you go to the Rangers website (www.newyorkrangers.com) and look at the fan board its always active. Maybe not with good comments all the time but that’s expected. Nonetheless I think the rangers should be in the top 10. I’m not just saying that because I’m a Ranger fan. But originally the attendance was supposed to be an average of three years and I’m pretty sure that would put us over Buffalo for the 11th spot. Plus the Rangers usually have a good fan base on the road in other arenas.

So what do you guys think? Anybody comment whether a Rangers fan or someone else. The comments on this article have many people pissed off what’s your take? Here is the top ten-list http://mvn.com/thestateof...9-edition-the-top-10.html I look forward to seeing what everyone else thinks. NYR
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