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Avery's Best Year

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I’m always talking about this new up-tempo style Tortorella will provide. John Tortorella has a proven style of hockey, after all he lead the Lighting to the 2004 Stanley Cup Championship. In an interview by Newsday.com Vinny Prospal said, “ I always played my best hockey under him”. Hearing this I’m very confident that his coaching will help this team. This year I think New York Rangers fans will be extremely happy with LW Sean Avery.

Stan Fischler a sports commentator for MSG and the Rangers has a blog on MSG.com. He has chosen Sean Avery for several topics in his blog. He describes what is known as “The Avery Factor”. Which is referring to the boost Avery brings to the Rangers. When Fischler asked Avery about moving west he responded with “I made a mistake”. Now Avery is where he belongs and I agree with Stan that Avery is going to have a great year. Fischler says, “ We have not yet seen that offensive potential even close to being completely realized”. I think Avery has more skills than most give him credit for. He can score goals and works hard on every shift. A quality Tortorella loves to see from his players. Many may think that Torts and Avery will clash, which probably will happen. Yet when things start to get even a little bit out of control Torts will be right there to keep it under control.

After being picked up by Dallas last year Avery learned two things. First, that saying sloppy seconds to reporters will not be tolerated in Dallas. Second, that New York is where he belongs and wants to play. Just as Avery got back to New York he helped open and co-own Warren 77, a restaurant and bar in downtown New York. Which means to me he does not intend on leaving the big apple. I think Avery has learned New York is home and not to screw it up. Now with three years on his New York contract Avery can just focus on hockey and the opponents. His pesky play and good movement will only add to the Rangers new offensive guns. Since Donald Brasher is now on the team Avery wont have to drop the gloves. I can see it now, Avery gets into someone’s head and just as they go to hit him Brasher knocks them out. While I don’t see Avery not dropping the gloves I think Brasher will beat him to it. So in that case he would be more focused on scoring. Yet it’s that pesky play we love most of all. So it better not disappear.
This year Avery will be an unstoppable force. I can see him scoring over 20 goals. Of course this year he will still be a pest. But that’s what makes Avery, well Avery. All the signs are pointing in the right direction for a great season. I think everyone is going to get a lot of excitement form this guy so watch out. NYR
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