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Down to 34 and Dubinsky

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Today the Rangers trimmed their roster down to 34 and competition for the last few spots are going to get tougher. The Rangers sent 15 players to the AHL Wolf Pack team including Nigel Williams, Miika Wikman, Mike Sauer, Brodie Dupont and Sam Kllassen. They also sent five junior players to their junior teams. Five other players (Arnason, Byers, Locke, Owens and Rissmiller) have been sent to finish camp with the Wolf Pack as well. Now that leaves 4 goaltenders, 10 D-men and 20 forwards at Rangers camp.

The Rangers have played two preseason games and unfortunately lost both (one to Boston and Jersey). I think with the max young players playing we played well. It was nice to see the high-pressure offense in action. It will only be better when it’s with the starting line up. Still Gaborik has yet to play and could play this weekend. However, I’m not worried at all about Gaborik I think the Rangers are handling it very well. Many may worry because he had an injury-shortened season yet I’m more concerned with Dubinsky.

Camp has been in full swing for almost a week and still no Dubinsky. Torts spoke about it last week and called out his manager. Now Glen Sather added his comments saying “I think he’s making a mistake by not being here” and I would have to agree. At this point Dubinsky doesn’t have the upper hand since he’s a restricted free agent. The Rangers I don’t think will budge on giving him more than his 660,000$. Next year he can file for arbitration and I think the Rangers will give him what he deserves. Sather also commented saying “its a little foolish”. If Dubinsky holds out past November 1st he will not be able to play in the NHL for the year. I don’t see it coming down to that but right now he’s only hurting himself and the team. Dubinsky said, “It’s killing me not to be in camp… It’s just going to take time” Unfortunately time is not on anyone’s side and I am afraid we could lose him to another team. I think its obvious Dubi wants to play in NY and if it’s that important he better get his act together. NYR
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