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Postseason fever is here

Posted 4:30 PM ET | Comments 1
Just 3 1/2 hours away from the Buffalo Sabres playoff opener, and the tensions, and excitement level, are high.

Walking around the Buffalo State College campus today and all you saw was a sea of Sabre colors far as the eyes can see. people in new uniforms and hats, myself in my new vintage Drew Stafford jersey that came yesterday. And those who cant afford or couldnt get new stuff were proudly rocking the black and red. Some in Alexei Zhitnik jerseys even.

It will be a fun one tonight for sure. Im expecting those attending the Party in the Plaza to be loud and proud, regardless of the weather outside. Im sure the bars and house parties will be louder than ever tonight.

For those at the game, be loud and be proud tonight. Show the Islanders what a Sabres home ice advantage is like.

Mission 16 begins tonight gentleman. Dont let us down.
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