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First off, I guess I should thank the NHL and the Sabres for putting this game on a Monday, and the scalpers and ebayers and stub-hubbers who completely flooded the market for tonights game. I got tickets from a friend desperate to sell for a profit for far below face value. So I thank you all.

This was my first Sabres-Leafs, but wow what a game and what an atmosphere. It really cannot be explained without the word electric. While I respected the Leaf fans around me, hearing "Go Leafs Go" chants in my home building really made the competitive blood in me boil over, far more then the usual games I go to (Tampa, Florida, Atlanta, etc...)

What an awesome offensive effort by the Sabres late, showing that they can score at any time they want or need. But the D was again shottish and shows that it is in need of some work if they are going to be a serious contender. As we saw last playoffs, "run and gun" cant win it all.

But man can the Leafs not get a break in Buffalo. 3 times they had a lead in the third, but the Sabres just came right back at them. And Bryan McCabe, what can be said about him? Makes a rare great defensive play at the end of regulation, only to be the goat of the overtime period.

But this Leafs team has heart. Chad Kilger helped carry them back into it when its the norm for a Leaf team to fold up and die under such extreme circumstances.

But in the end, I guess Halloween came early for the Leafs. The ghosts of HSBC haunted once again.
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October 16, 2007 12:58 AM ET | Delete
Capt great post. Congrats on your first Sabres- Leafs tilt. I have ben to a few myself. Playoffs is the only thing to compare it to. The arena always rocks for these games. Anyhow it was an amazing 3rd period. End to end action great plays from both teams. I can't wait for friday. Bring on the Jackets
October 16, 2007 4:47 PM ET | Delete
nice game to go to huh. the crowd was quiet until the Mair goal thats how it usually is
October 16, 2007 5:26 PM ET | Delete
I second that quote" The ghosts of HSBC haunted once again." That has to be one of the best and truest linesw I have ever heard Capt. Thanx
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