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Before I get into my thoughts on the Sabres, I have to comment on the hit from Scott Hartnell on Andrew Alberts. Once again, another Flyer hits someone from behind. I dont want to call the Flyers a dirty team because I really dont think they are. But once is enough, two is pushing it and three tends to become a trend.

I didnt think the hit on Patrice Bergeron was that bad. Ill even call it accidential. But this was another disgusting act by a player that I happen to admire for his hard-nosed attitude. I wonder when players are going to learn a. to respect each other, and b. that the league means business when stuff like this happens.

I hope Hartnell gets the book thrown at him, similar to Downie and Boulerice.

As for the Sabres, another solid performance by the boys tonight as they beat the Washington Capitals 3-1 in Washington.

Jochen Hecht was by far the best player on the ice in what was his best game as a Sabre. 2 goals, an assist and a overall force all night. He, Mike Ryan and Dan Paille were a great line together, and Ryan and Pille were on tonight as well.

Brian Campbell was the lone sour spot, as he was schooled by Ovechkin on the Caps goal, and had a brutal giveaway shortly after.
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