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After beginning the 9 game division 1-4, the Buffalo Sabres climbed over 500 for the streak after a 3-0 shutout of the Montreal Canadiens.

Thomas Vanek continued his dominance of the past couple games, netting his second goal in as many nights. Jaro Spacek and Jochen Hecht had the other goals.

Andrew Peters had his best game as a Sabre. He was all over the ice, playing over 7 minutes.
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November 25, 2007 8:44 PM ET | Delete
Way to go Lindy, your starting to get these guys to believe in themselves. I really like the way clark has played, hes really matured over the summer. I still think this team needs a vertern center to get the young guys the puck, but i do love the way the lines are shaping up. I LOVE the CONNOLLY MAX KOTALIK line, finally lindy put someone who can hog the puck away from max that actually knows what to do with it. lets just hope the team can get healthy and we just might take that roll of the underdogz back and bite the East in the Behind
November 26, 2007 9:25 AM ET | Delete
sabre4life interesting point on the connolly, max, kotalik line. max is more responsible because he doesn't have the puck as much thanks to connolly. all in all this has been a great couple of games, but i still stand by trading max. the guy still hasn't matured. he tries to do way too much. ryan, pallie and macarthur make him look bad. i respect max's effort, but it kills the team when he turns the puck over. another point on max has anyone else noticed that he takes longer shifts than everyone else? if others have noticed this don't you think that sort of sounds like a ten year old playing? that happened last year in the playoffs leading to him getting benched. i can still remember watching game 3, lindy yelling at his guys to dump the puck in and take shorter shifts. neither was done, and i thought that that was an embarrassing loss. i was really happy for t-bo on Saturday and he really made up for his previous performance, although that previous performance wasn't entirely his fault. capt. good point on peters he definitely played his best game as a sabre. the sabres have me excited for the first time this year and a win tonight against the caps would be real nice. i think we can expect an up and down, exciting game. miller has been great lately and i think the sabres will win another one, 5-2.
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