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Some news and notes from this mornings practice at HSBC Arena:

Ryan Miller and Toni Lydman both returned to practice today after missing Sundays skate. Miller was gone for personal reasons while Lydman was still recovering from migraine headaches suffered against the Islanders Saturday.

Ales Kotalik again practiced today and is likely going to make his season debut Thursday. He skated today on a line with Paul Gaustad and Maxim Afinogenov, leaving Drew Stafford to return to the right side of Thomas Vanek and Derek Roy. Jochen Hecht, Jason Pominville and Tim Connolly remain intact, while Adam Mair and Dan paille will be the 4th line with either Michael Ryan or Andrew Peters.
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October 9, 2007 3:05 PM ET | Delete
So, any idea if Miller's personal problem was why he performed like crap on Saturday? Because he clearly did not have his head in the game either Friday or Saturday. Had I been Lindy on Saturday I would have pulled him. As for Lydman, is the migraine a result of the elbow he took? It'll be nice to have the lines the way they should be, Stafford looked lost on the Hecht line.
October 9, 2007 3:12 PM ET | Delete
jtswinehart, you are crazy. the d is the problem. if you could i would pull the d. miller allowed three goals. whip! if we have this high powered offense we should be able to win
October 9, 2007 4:00 PM ET | Delete
Never said the D wasn't bad, but Miller was awful. If you didn't think so, that's your right, my opinion is that he looked like he didn't want to be there.
October 9, 2007 4:43 PM ET | Delete
Get used to this.......Sabres win maybe 30 games this year....Thanks Darcy....
October 9, 2007 4:49 PM ET | Delete
thats fine if thats your opinion. sorry, i'm just extremely displeased with what took place this weekend in buffalo sports. i'm a season ticket holder for the sabres, and as soon as they went down two men in the first period friday night, i turned to one of my buddies and told him the isles would score on both pps. sure enough it happened. saturday, the simple explanation for that loss was the isles wanted it more. and then monday, i went to the bills game, had the night of my life, and with 20 seconds left the city went from one of the biggest upsets on national tv to another amazing loss. the espn announcers,were speechless as well. I CANT BELIEVE THIS! right now i just want to stay in my bedroom for the rest of my life.
October 9, 2007 5:24 PM ET | Delete
Sabres 51-I feel your pain. I have seasons for both teams and have to drive 3hrs there and back to see these let down performances. Why do these games consistenly happen to Buffalo? I can not take this games anymore! I actually had my heart ripped out after last nights loss. Dick needs to get the boot and if the Sabres continue down this road well then its a tough year for my sports teams. This is not a good start!
October 9, 2007 5:45 PM ET | Delete
get rid of kalinin i think miller played well on Saturday but he couldn't stop a beach ball on Friday, but i think with staff up with roy and vanek he will be used much better, but get hecht off of connollys line and put max there. the sabres will be fine just a bump in the road the islanders are a sold defensive team
October 9, 2007 6:41 PM ET | Delete
First I would like to say thanks to Max in the House for being apart of Buffalo sports even though he/she doesn't live here. Now to my point: Two things are killing Buffalo sports. One of them is something that fans can play a role in and that is to forget the whole working, blue-collared sports town thing. I know lots like this kind of philosophy because that's who we are, but this will always give management (second thing that’s killing our sports) a reason for all of the improbable losses year in and year out. As quoted from Jerry Sullivan's article today, "Ralph Wilson, the owner, said he would be happy if they put on a decent show, even in defeat." ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! That's how our football teams owner went into a Monday Night Football game televised across American against a team that beat us two consecutive times in the BIG GAME 11, 12 years ago. Come on, show some confidence. Going into that game I was saying that there had been no upset and that football was due for one that week. But because our owner felt this way, our head coach felt this way; translating into the outcome. I like Dick Jaroun as a person, but not as a head coach of my football team. The same can be said about the offseason for the Sabres, but I'm not going into detail because I have already done it countless times and I know that all Sabres fans know too. Sullivan ends his article saying, "Their long- suffering fans will pick themselves up, too, and come back for more. It's part of being a Buffalo sports fan. How many times can you do it, though? Really, after a night like this, how much more of this can you take?" Management knows that they have us by the balls. If we don't show up, the Sabres and Bills will pack up and move to Las Vegas, or Las Angeles or even Toronto. We seriously must be insane when it comes to sports. I, like so many other Buffalo fans, have no voice today. I, like so many Buffalo fans, are tired today. I, like so many Buffalo fans, had to go to work today. For what? For a championship that is never coming.
October 9, 2007 8:46 PM ET | Delete
I think the whole idea of having Hecht with Connolly and Goose with Max is the have a checker on the ice with the freewheeling style of Con and Max. Also, Hecht and Pommer already have chemistry so there is some kind of foundation with a change in their center. I am definitely not ready to give up on the Sabres (not even close) but I could not even bring myself to watch Monday's Bills game. After I heard what happened I was soooo glad I didn't. I just can't take the heartache all the time, particularly when losing it in the last seconds of the game. I knew the Sabres at the very least would need time to redefine their roles and re-gel after the loss of D and B. If they do not improve and get more consistent over the next 10 games I might start to get more concerned. The only thing I am concerned about at the moment is how long it will take them to do just that. Last season's modus operandi will not work (it didn't last year either accept for the Pres. trophy) and unfortunately that is what they know. Breaking all remnants of that mindset will take some time, which is what I am expecting. If they don't really get on that process right away, though, the season will be long, and they won't be able to overcome the consequences of having to go through the process in the first place (losses at the beginning of the season).
October 10, 2007 9:02 PM ET | Delete
Buffalo sports teams don't know how to properly hire a front office. They hire unqualified bums off the street whom have most of the time gotten fired by several teams previously. Its tough being a Buffalo sports fan, no doubt... But I still remain a fan... a very displeased one, but your team is your team.
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