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One Team One Goal

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One Team One Goal

Lindy and the boys have fulfilled a season long goal…………. Lock up home ice advantage throughout the playoffs!!!!

This year’s edition of the Buffalo Sabres has lived up to the high expectations of the local fan base. They have managed to do so amidst a plethora of man games lost due to injury & a league that was put on notice last spring. Night in & night out the Sabres for the most part got every team’s best effort. They have benefited from Lindy’s refuse to lose (2 in a row ) approach he set out with for this season. That approach saw the Sabres win a franchise record 10 straight games to begin the season, a club record of 53 wins and more players having career years and playing out of character. And finally turned into home Ice advantage through out this years playoffs.

Let’s take a look at a few of the many impressive accomplishments the Sabres have reached this year:

1. Knocking off the Stanley Cup Champs on opening night.
2. Tying NHL record for wins to start a season.
3. Winning the ever competitive North East Division.
4. Clinching the Eastern Conference.
5. 6 members of the team selected to All-Star game festivities.
(Rip Simonick, Lindy Ruff, Thomas Vanek, Ryan Miller, Brian Campbell & Daniel Briere)
6. Daniel Briere All Star MVP
7. Thomas Vanek leading the NHL in +/-
8. Winning the teams 1st Presidents trophy. Breaking last years team record of 52 wins.
9. Ryan Miller’s franchise mark for wins in a season.

One Team One Goal is more than just a slogan for this team. It is a way of life and they play hockey. The unselfishness of each player up & down the lineup is an amazing attribute in today’s day & age of the professional athlete. There have been numerous times this year when someone gives up a point blank chances to add to their own stats so a team mate can add to theirs. It starts with guys like Drury and trickles down to players like Andrew Peters. Thomas Vanek is one player who stands out in this manner. He is sitting with 2 gaol looking for his 1st hat trick and holds the puck so Derek Roy can notch his 19th of the year. This was a play where TV could have easily beat the goalie, but decides to help his center get closer to the 20 goal mark. This is a direct effect of Ruff’s coaching ability and the efforts of his entire staff.

It’s amazing how much the community has embraced this team. From the season long sold out HSBC arena to the hard to find Sabres jersey to the newly released Sabres Medallion craze. Every day is Sabres Day in Buffalo. This team could put out a line of toilet paper and fans would line up @ 5am to get it. When this team wins its first Stanley Cup, they will have to shut the down the whole region. Or they should because everyone will be in Niagara Square to celebrate. Before that happens they need to win just 16 more games. Will they win it all this year? I don’t know. But this years team has many advantages over last years squad. The roster now has plenty of post season experience and the hunger to go deep in this years push for the cup. Take this into account Lindy Ruff has led his team to the Conference championship round twice and making it to the finals the following season. Will it happen this year? Only time will tell. If I were a betting man I would say yes.

Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride that is the Stanley Cup Playoffs. For it will be filled with many new heroes & memorable moments.

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