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Any other Sabre fans felling uneasy about what is about to go down @ high noon on July 1, 2009?

Well first off I think it is a complete joke that this week's guest on Sabres Lunch Express is none other than GM Darcy Regier. My first thought probally like most Buffalo Fan's is $#Y%@&%$#. You gotta be kidding me. Shouldn't this guy be earning his paycheck? NHL GM's have three importnant dates on their calenders.

1. Draft Day- Building the foundation for the team's future.
So far not bad on Darcy's Watch

2. Trade Deadline Day- Used to bolster and/or fine tune your team for a cup run.
We all know how that usally goes. ex- Dominic Moore, Bob Corkum to name a few. There have been a few good ones but those appear only when the team is out of it. ex. Briere

3. UFA Day- Filling out your roster with immediate needs of the team.
All we ever seem to sign are serviceable players. I can't remember the last time we went out and gotten a difference maker, a true leader.

I think a few good choices would be:

Jay Mckee- Loves the city & team and will play his heart out for this city. Jay once told me why he changed his number in St. Louis. It wasn't because of the bad luck he had in his first season there. He simply said #74 belongs in Buffalo and when and if i come back then i will wear it again. Darcy it is time to bring # 74 home. For many reasons. 1. he would be great for our young D corp. 2. The fan base would applaud the move. He is loved in WNY. 3. He wants to come back.

Brad May- Yet another fan favorite. But May Day brings 3 important elements to the team. 1. Veteran Leadership, 2. A guy with a cup, to show the young guys what it’s needs to be done to get to the next level. 3. A tough guy who can actually fight & take a regular shift. Plus he is another former Sabre who I know would love to come back here.

Saku Koivu- This is a long shot here. He could more than likely Center a top 2 line here and will play his heart out. A leader in every sense of the word. In my opinion exactly what this team needs a True Leader. No Offense to Craig Rivet. He just seems uncomfortable in his new role.

I guess we will find out 7/1/09 @ 12.00:01 what Darcy is made of. More than likely Not. Who do you think we will get? And be realistic. The Sedins, Hossa, Gaborik, and players of that nature aren’t coming to Buffalo. For the most part I doubt we even call their agents.
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June 30, 2009 9:42 PM ET | Delete
Nice to see an article from you! I rather Koivu over May but who wouldn't.
June 30, 2009 9:43 PM ET | Delete
June 30, 2009 9:54 PM ET | Delete
dont worry Darcy is doing a lunch in for sabres.com tomorrow at 12:30
June 30, 2009 10:38 PM ET | Delete
Kind of strange to say Rivet is uncomfortable as a leader. He was a good leader in San Jose. What do i know i dont watch too many Sabre games. Good luck to the Sabres I'm really rooting for them to make it into the playoffs again, they are fun to watch.
June 30, 2009 11:24 PM ET | Delete
Nice post.....I'd like McKee but May is about 5 years too old and Koivu won't come here unless we have another Finn most likely but we can all hope.....We need some grit and leadership because we have more than enough finesse...Not that I wouldn't mind Gionta coming back to WNY but he's another small fry when we need someone to bash heads in instead of doing the Andrew Peters put up your dukes style fighting
June 30, 2009 11:25 PM ET | Delete
I share in everyones uneasyness. I would like to see Regier show some guts and announce a huge signing at noon tomorrow. But history shows that probably wont happen. On the otherhand, this will be his last here if the team does not get to the playoffs so maybe he will do something out of the ordinary. Havlet, Koivu, McKee and May all here...then I woke up...lol
July 1, 2009 8:20 AM ET | Delete
jackie ........what i meant about Rivet was he seems being uncomfartable with being the MAN. He is a good second tier leader or Alternate.
July 1, 2009 9:07 AM ET | Delete
I dont think for one second that Darcy doesnt know what Agents/Players are going to be asking for and as we all know - today is the day to overpay. If you are looking for Jay and May - dont worry - they will be available at 3pm today - after the lunch thing...
July 1, 2009 12:18 PM ET | Delete
we're not gonna do shit via UFA guys...we have 11 mil left in cap space with staff/general/sekera/kaleta to resign and a bunch of RFAs in portlandthe only way we do anything is via trade, send tally/hecht/prospect a couple 1st round picks to calgary for phaneuf....this is obviously a pipedream, but would make us a legit contender and sure up our back line in a heartbeat
July 1, 2009 4:22 PM ET | Delete
Montador represents something we don't have, defense with grit who can stir the pot without a meaningless Peters-esque fight. But its not a signing that's going to make the difference between 10th and the playoffs. Anything else gonna happen?
July 1, 2009 10:55 PM ET | Delete
I doubt they do anything bigger the montador. I would be suprised if they did.
July 2, 2009 12:46 PM ET | Delete
Prediction of the Year: Hecht scores 30 goals for the Sabres. LOL. Yeah and Tim Connolly plays a full 82 games. I think the Sabres only hope of the playoffs in 2010 is if Vanek, Roy and Pomminville all scores more than 30 goals and we lose zero veteran defensemen to injury....then they squeak in in 6-8 place.
July 3, 2009 5:34 PM ET | Delete
this sucksI just thought maybe this year we would get just 1 name...is that too much to ask for?
July 6, 2009 9:35 PM ET | Delete
hang on i feel a trade going down..
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