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With training camp 2007 about a month away lets take a look at some possible line combinations for the Sabres this upcoming season.

1. Vanek - Roy- Stafford
2. Pomminville- Connolly- Afinogenov
3. Hecht- Gaustad- Kotalik
4a. Paille- Ryan- Mair Extra: Peters (Size & Speed)
4b. Paille - Mair- Paetsch Extras: Peters / Ryan (Size & Strength)
4c. Peters- Mair- Ryan/ Paetsch Extra: Ryan or Paetsch (Ruff & Tumble)

1. Tallinder- Lydman
2. Spacek- Campbell
3a. Numminen- Kalinin
3b. Paetsch- Kalinin
3c. Numminen- Paetsch


As you can see there are many possible comboinations. The only reason I chose Michael Ryan over other prospects ( ie. MacArthur) is do to the fact the Sabres signed him to a 1 way deal this summer. I have also found a way to work Paetsch in as much as possible. He can be used as a winger on the 4th line or give Teppo or Tree a breather. This will also be illustrated below as well.


Vanek- Connolly- Afinogenov
Spacek - Pominville (ie. replace either w/ Paetsch if PP isn't clicking)

Hecht- Roy- Stafford
Campbell- Kotalik (same rule applies here as well w/ Paetsch)

The powerplay will go as far this year as the cannons of Spacek & Kotalik will take them. If these two decide to pass on the big shot as much as they did last year. These units will change more than the shades of red in Lindy's face on any given night.

Paille- Gaustad
Lydman- Tallinder

Hecht- Roy
Spacek- Campbell

Pominville- Connolly
Numminen- Kalinin

I decided to make up 3 PK units in honor of Coach Ruff. He tends to use anywhere from 2-4 differnt units on a given night. Heck if Ryan is in the lineup feel free to insert him in where ever you like. He is hard working PK man. If one of the others is hurt, in the bin or needs a breather insert #37.

I thought this would be easy to do. Lindy gets it right more often then not. I wrote these guys names down 4 or 5 different ways before i came up with this jumbled mess. Mr. Ruff you make this look easy. Keep up the good work.
The only way this gets easier is with a trade taking away talent already listed above. Darcy & Lindy have a way of figuring these things out. Better them than me. This has been taxing on the brain.

Peace out. The ole' mellon needs a breather.
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