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I was deperately hoping this was true but according to wgr550.com it isn't as of yet. Hopefully it gets done soon. They need to get working on these guys. If it isnt a done deal who should they sigh first:

Hecht, Cambell or Kalinin.

Here is my order:

1. Campbell- The longer they wait the more $$$$$ it will cost them
2. Hecht- If the reports are somewhat true I think $3-3.5 is fair for Jochen
3. Kalinin- Save him for the last. Lets see him play consitant for more than 5 games.

Here is the copy & link from wgr550.com & Sabres beat reporter Paul Hamilton

Hecht Says Report Is False
Paul Hamilton - Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - 12:08 AM

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550)- Jochen Hecht told me after tonight's game with Toronto that he has NOT signed a new four year contract extension. The Sabres captain for October says he is close to coming to terms with the club and feels they will get something done soon.

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they gotta sign paille as well get him locked down for the long term before someone else can scoop him in RFA
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