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The consistent-inconsistency continues, on par with the whole of this season, and all of the last. It's been since the first post-strike season that the Calgary Flames have played with any sort of consistent effort and production. This is a trend that, if not fixed before, or early in the playoffs, will result in another early exit from the post-season. And that's assuming the Flames get in.

I have to say that comparing this year's squad to last year's team; the 07'08 guys would hold a slight edge in terms of potential production heading into the post-season. Last year, it was all but inevitable that we would lose in the first round due to our struggles on the road. And, it's safe to say that if we hadn't struggled so much on the road, we would have seen at least a game 7 and possibly a series win... which speaks to both the competitive nature of the West and Detroit's inability to succeed in playoff atmosphere hockey.

The one thing that I like about this year's team is also something that I hate. No longer do we go on the prolonged losing streaks of 4-6 games, now halting them after 2 at the most. The Flames haven't lost 3 in a row since early January. Something last year's team couldn't say as we limped into the playoffs. But, like I said, that's also something that I hate. Just when you think this team is going to turn the corner and round into the built-for-the-playoffs, hungry, intense, hard-checking and good goaltending team... they lay a couple of eggs. Like the Oilers game Saturday night, a game they controlled and dominated, only to lose by completely mailing in the last 10 minutes and Kipper letting in a softie of all softies. It's hard to watch sometimes... one could also argue that we got Saturday's game back on Tuesday night after being outplayed by the Oilers only to sneak away with the win.

Regardless of all that previously said. The Flames still CAN win the NW division. We play the Wild tonight, a team that still surprises me (why??? I don't know, you'd think I'd be used to it by now) ... but if we win our last two and Minny loses their last 2, then we win the division. Conversely, if we lose our last 2 and Van/Nash win their last 2, then we join the Leafs and Oilers.

The way things are going with Calgary, I'll pencil them in for an 0-1-1 record over the next two games, just enough to get int the playoffs, but not enough to get them anywhere in the standings good enough to compete. Having said that, predictions are still impossible with this team... they're just as likely to go 2-0 as they are 0-2. I can see i'm not getting anywhere....

This blog seems to be going the way of the Flames lately ... which is.... who the hell knows????

Only good news is that the single team in the NW that Calgary does play well against is Minnesota, whom we've absolutely dominated this season... all the more reason for the wrong Flames team to show up.... sigh.... go Flames.
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April 3, 2008 11:56 PM ET | Delete
Is it better to be golfing by Sat night - or to be absolutely humiliated by San Jose or Detroit for 4 or 5 games? Sigh.
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