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That's what the boxscore should read in the paper tomorrow after that nightmare witnessed nationwide in Canada on HNIC. Jarome Iginla looked like the best hockey player in the league tonight. Every time he stepped on the ice, the Flames nearly scored. So much that Flame hater Craig Simpson even brought it up. Then you know it must be obvious.

However, with all that Iginla did tonight he was overshadowed once again by the performance of another Flame...

Anders Eriksson.

He's been the subject of many comments of mine on this site and will continue. I wrote early in the year after he cost us 2 of our first 3 losses of the year that I would keep track of how many times he cost us games. Well, I've long since lost track. Tonight, I think, was his best performance of the season. He was on the ice for every single Columbus goal. All the goals saw the Flames in good defensive position where there's no way a team should score. But Eriksson can find a way to make sure the puck goes in our own net. He makes sure he's standing directly in front of Kipper at all times, and hates to hustle to the puck when its in the corner, preferring to always let the man behind pass him and take the puck no contest.

Yet, the media continues to give him free passes. Rob Kerr on the fan960. The Calgary Sun. Admit it. Darryl Sutter was wrong about Eriksson and he was wrong with other moves he made this offseason too. Leave Nolan out of that for sure as he continues to shine and lead this team, which has apparently rubbed off on Iggy.

This game should have been a lopsided victory for Calgary. Not because Columbus played bad or isn't a good team. In fact, I like the Jackets and think they will make the playoffs led by Hitchcock. Iginla set up about 5 goals tonight that weren't capitalized on. Putting him with Huselius and Lankow turned out to be a bad coaching move on Keenan's part as Iggy continually set up those 2 with empty nets only to find their stone hands miss... they're in a slump, what can I say... but the slump cost us dearly tonight. Couple that with a bad first goal that even though Eriksson was standing right directly in front of Kipper, he still should have stopped... not to mention the second goal, should have been stopped.

So I haven't paid that much attention to the boys thru November. In fact, the last real time I was able to see them was around Halloween. But a month later, I see the exact same problems plaguing this team. The same problems we had at the end of last year, the pre season and thru the first part of this season. Nothing's changed. And the best player in the world (give or take) isn't enough to win.

Congrats to Iggy on his 700th point and also on setting the record for most games played in a Flames uniform. He's the greatest Flame of all time and hopefully, we'll never have to see him in another uniform. Not only is he a top power forward in the NHL, but he may just be the classiest too.
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I aggree with you in 100%, but the player gives all but he isnt better. The mistake is, that the coach doesnt see it like you and me. With Keenan we are not able to make the Play Offs.
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