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Actually it wasn't that bad. However, had I wrote this blog last night when I was running around downtown Vancouver, inebriated and cursing Anders Eriksson aloud for the whole world to hear, I would have written a totally different story.

What cost us the game last night? Our defense. Plain and simple. Now, its early, I'll give us that. And aside from the first 15 minutes we had a great game. But our defense still can't move the puck and we still take too many penalties at really bad times and it cost us.

Adrian Aucoin looked lost out there a lot of times last night. Especially on the first goal when he coughed it up to Briere then let him dangle the puck out front on a rebound instead of planting his face firmly into the ice. What a horrible play. It doesn't really excite me about Aucoin that's for sure.

On to the Swede. Eriksson. I don't know what to say. I was so happy we got rid of Zyuzin. SO HAPPY. I mean, Zyuzin was so bad I was scared he would not only play bad D but that he would put the puck in OUR net....... and now we've brought in a player with the exact same tendencies and his huge error late last night cost us points in the home opener; one that i'm confident we would have won given extra time as we were in complete control of the game late.

This isn't Columbus, Anders. The last 2 minutes of hockey mean something in Calgary.

I'm flying home to Alberta for Thanksgiving and I'll be at Saturday's game vs. the Canucks... if Eriksson is in the lineup..... I can't be held responsible for my actions.
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