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Greetings from Radioland

Posted 8:21 PM ET | Comments 2
Well, it seems to happen at least once per series. Yep, tonight's game is not available outside the local viewing area. Versus is showing one of the other games (too depressed to check which one) but at least we have this series of tubes they call the 'Internets.' Actually, we can pick up WBAP slightly in the evenings, so there's always that if needed...but the web streams have become just as reliable (and at a better quality). It's 0-0 in the first....wait! Oh, wait. It looks like they're waving off the goal. So, it is actually 0-0 in the first. Go Stars!
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April 17, 2008 8:30 PM ET | Delete
And OF COURSE there's a major storm moving into the area, so they have to break in with weather warnings. I'm not really complaining...I'll miss a little bit of the game for that reason...it's just funny, that's all.
April 17, 2008 9:03 PM ET | Delete
I can tell you what weather watches and warnings are in effect for the D/FW area, but I missed Lundqvist's goal that made it 1-0 at the first intermission. Oh, well. I'm still smiling.
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