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Optimist: Good morning, all! I'm Optimist!

Pessimist: And I'm Pessimist. Today, we'll be breaking down the remainder of the Dallas / Detroit series.

Optimist: That's right. On the verge of being swept, the Stars have come back from the edge and have made this a series! What exciting hockey to watch! I hope this series goes to seven games, regardless of the outcome!

Pessimist: Sure, it may be fun to watch...but while we're watching it the Penguins are resting their legs. A long series to close out the Western Conference is nothing but an advantage for Pittsburgh.

Optimist: You are such a downer, Pessimist! The Stars are looking to make history. After knocking out the Ducks and Sharks, you can't help but think this team just may be destined for greatness this season. And climbing back from a 3-0 hole may just be that icing on the cake to a remarkable post-season!

Pessimist: Get real, Optimist. There's a reason the Stars didn't sweep the Sharks and that the Red Wings didn't sweep the Stars: winning four games in a row is hard to do. But that's exactly what faces Dallas if they have any hope of playing for the Cup. Sure, they're halfway there...but don't underestimate how great this challenge is. Forget that coming back from a 3-0 hole has only been done twice...ever. Forget that the Stars would have to take this series at The Joe, which has been less than kind to Dallas in recent history (Game 5 not withstanding, of course). When you really break it down, the challenge is simple: winning four games in a row is hard to do.

Optimist: Is there medication you can take for that sour attitude? Can't we just watch this series unfold with a sense of wonder and be happy the hockey gods have smiled upon us and given us a series for the ages? I say this series goes to seven games, and then it's a toss up. I think the Stars have the momentum, and they're in as good a position as anybody in recent memory to make some history.

Pessimist: Is there some medication you're currently taking that's impeding your judgement? This series ends tonight. The Wings have too much pride for any more wheels to fall off this bus. Detroit will reach into the chest of the Stars and pull the heart out of this team in front of their home crowd.

Optimist: I think someone needs a hug.

Pessimist: #$*% you.
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May 19, 2008 1:30 PM ET | Delete
Just for the record, my actual take falls somewhere in the grey area in between the optimism and pessimism. I think it's a tough task of historic proportions...which I believe the Stars have a legitimate chance of overcoming. Go Stars!
May 20, 2008 2:13 PM ET | Delete
Why did Pessimist have to be so right?
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