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If there's anything certain in this year's playoffs, it appears to be this: pray you're player didn't do a Stanley Cup promo. If you've watched any hockey this post season, you've undoubtedly seen the spots ending with various NHL stars stating, "and that's how the Cup changes everything." Let's see how these featured players are doing:

Roberto Luongo and his Canucks didn't even make the playoffs.

Daniel Alfredsson, Ryan Getzlaf, Jarome Iginla, and Martin Brodeur were first round casualties. Alexander Ovechkin, who wasn't one of the original promos but was apparently added when the Caps streaked into the playoffs, also found his exit in round one.

Joe Thornton and Roman Hamrlik were upset in round two.

And then there was one. The Red Wings' Henrik Zetterberg stands as the only remaining player to utter those fateful words.

The fans in Dallas are hoping this trend continues.
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