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Well, put that one in the books. You can tell the real fans from the "I'm just watching because the Mavs aren't playing" fans this morning by the red, cracked eyes. It took four overtimes in Game 6, but the Stars finally finished off the Sharks at 1:30 am Central with a 2-1 victory. When Morrow scored the game winner, we wondered if they would just review it out of habit...he's been a monster this post season. You have to assume Turco is the team's MVP at the moment, but Morrow is a close second.

So, the Sharks have gone home to work on their golf game, and the conference matchups are set. Dallas goes to Detroit, while Philly goes to Pittsburgh (what a series THAT will be!). This has been an incredible post season to watch, and I don't see any reason for it to stop now.

Believing the Stars would win their series, I made sure to watch a bit of the Detroit - Colorado series last week as a preview of things to come. Sure, the Red Wings destroyed the Avs, but in watching the games...Colorado simply wasn't on the same level due to injury and who knows what. The defensive positioning by the Avs in that final game was wretched, so I'm not surprised it was such a blowout. Detroit won't see that kind of open ice Thursday night.

Which brings us to...the Great Monkey. Dallas has purged so many demons this post season it's almost hard to keep track. Can't move past the first round? Check. Can't win at home? Check. OT? Check. Etc, etc, etc. So what's left to conquer in Round 3?

"Turco can't beat Detroit."

Yes, as much as Turco loves to play in San Jose, he seems to despise playing in Detroit. His record shows it, and it's obviously in his head (I think he has two regulation wins against Detroit). However, this is the series where he finally slays The Great Monkey. Why? Because, right now, this team believes it can do anything. It's cliche, but true: past struggles don't matter and the slate is clean. This is the playoffs.
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May 5, 2008 3:10 PM ET | Delete
Nicely done! You beat me to it ("The Great Monkey") ... but I'm still going to talk about it! No doubt Detroit lucked out with an incomplete Avs team ... beating us will be no cake-walk and I hope that is exactly what they think it will be! Turco is money ... but my vote goes to Brendan ... without the goals, Marty is the same guy that was great against Vancouver! GO STARS!
May 5, 2008 4:13 PM ET | Delete
Turco looks great. He's just got to stay confident and keep playing the way he's been playing. The team has just looked phenomenal over all. Here's to the team that was as underestimated as the Flyers second round. Here's to the underdogs this round. Hope to see you in the finals.
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