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Looking Ahead to Game 5

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While the outlook may appear bleak, it's not completely hopeless. Heck, it's been done before. I'm not buying into San Jose's theory of every 33 years...I'm just saying this team has been special this post-season, so why the hell not?

One thing I noticed in VERY brief spurts during the first three games that I was finally able to confirm in game 4: Detroit plays incredibly different when they have the lead. Give them the lead, and you're done. It's not so much protecting a lead as it is smothering the other team into total submission. When the Stars have either had the lead or a tie, they have been toe-to-toe with the Red Wings...sometimes keeping the puck in the offensive zone for amazing stretches at a time. But give Detoit even a one-goal lead and you'll be lucky to get into the zone at all. They simply stack the blue line and wait for the slightest miscue, which they more often than not convert into a scoring opportunity. That's why the games have tended to be one-goal affairs and then go completely lopsided by the end of the game...the Stars are forced to make something happen, and the next thing you know the Wings have a break away opportunity.

So, I know it's a stupid thing to say...but don't give Detroit a lead. Especially an early lead. If the Stars fail in that regard, it's over. This is not a team that will allow a huge third period comeback ala the Ducks and Sharks.

All my rambling aside, I think it's doable. The Stars now know Osgood is beatable. They have a little confidence and they know they have the Wings looking over their shoulders a bit. It's time to extend the series.

Why not now? Why not Dallas?
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