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I have to say, i am very anxious after watching the pre-season. The two maple leaf goalies that were supposed to push each other were not very good. Toskala did not even win a game in the pre-season. Now that is in the past, my question is, who will be starting in net against the Senators on Wednesday? Toskala was booed by the home crowd, so he may take that game off, however, Raycroft wasn't exactly loved by the crowd last year either.

Maybe it was just a preseason thing, however it is absolutely crucial for these two goalies to perform their best against the Sens, they will not take it easy on us.

The keys to victory are:
Get on the board early and often. Admit it, our defense is not exactly rock solid. Heatly, Spezza, Alfredsson are on the top line. Our goalie, (Raycroft or Toskala) will have to be on top of their game.

The Sundin, Blake, Antropov line will have to rack up the points. We cannot take stupid penalties or they will take FULL advantage.

Playing in our division is tough, and winning against the Senators is a big part of making the playoffs this year
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To be honest I'll be happy if we can split the home and home...either a straight up Win/Loss although I expect an OT/SO game in there somewhere.I think the key will be, like you said, staying out of the box. We were brutal last year for that. If we can somehow shutdown that top line we'll be fine...the problem is we dont' really have a good shutdown line. Hopefully Woz and Gill can handle the burden.Other than that I'm just excited to get a chance to cheer on the Leafs again!
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as simple as it sounds, you're very right. Beating Ottawa and Buffalo will likely be the deciding factor for our playoff chances this season. I hope for 4 games above .500 against these two teams....i expect 3 games below, however.
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We were like 1-5-2 against Ottawa last year...I doubt we'll have a winning record against them this year, but if we can split it a little more that would be great. Either push more games to OT/SO so we at least get a point or just straight up win more. I think a key to that will be, as you mentioned, staying out of the box. The Sens have a killer PP unit and we suck on the PK...hopefully we're better this year but I can't see any reason why we would be.It would be nice if we had a shut down line because, as the Ducks showed, if you can shut down that top line the Sens have virtually nothing to follow it up.
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8-0 sens
October 3, 2007 7:32 AM ET | Delete
I fully agree on the not taking "stupid penalties " :) I think that's our Achilles heel. If the coaches can get that under control we will be a much different team then last year.
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In my humble opinion taking "stupid penalties" is the Achilles heel of our team. We just are not good enough defensively to consistently win games in which we are more often then not short handed. I sure hope this season Maurice gets a handle on that or its going to be another disappointing year.
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