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On this day, January 8th, almost every Toronto media outlets have an article dedicated towards this intense toronto maple leafs situation. Let me just recap.
We currently sit at 13th place in the nhl eastern conference. What people are saying is that we should throw in the towels, trade away the veterans for future aspects and draft picks. To me, its seems like a great idea.

Is it Mat Sundin's time to go? Its hard to say. The Leaf fan inside me says, he's our captain, vital to this Maple Leafs team. The frustrated leaf fan who has not seen a playoff game in toronto in over 3 years says, do whatever the hell we need to. Thats why i state that he must go. He will bring in great draft picks and prospects. If he wants, and if he is in shape, he can come back after this season. Not too shabby.

My next question does Ferguson want to do this, and is he able to?
No and No. If his team does not make the playoffs THIS season, he is fired. therefore, he would not lean towards trading the best player on the leafs. And because i believe that he is incapable of pulling off any Philadelphia-like moves, he won't be able to trade in the right players, and draft the wrong prospects.

Overall, i would like to say, toronto has to rebuild. Trade away vetrans, relieve some cap space.

For goodness sake...Ferguson was a mistake.
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