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Lets try to have a little fun out of this dismal situation. If I had the powers of Richard Peddie and the GM, I would bring big change to this organization.
1. I would have the pleasure of inviting Ferguson into my office, then firing his ass for disgracing what used to be one of the most respected hockey teams in the world. I might yell at him a little bit too.

2. After this I would take care of the Raycroft situation. Either, place him on waivers, send him to the Marlies, or buy out his contract. In this case, I don't wanna pay him another cent, so place him on waivers and hope that he is claimed.

3. Sundin- Convince him to waive his NTC, give him a chance to win what he always deserved, but could not possibly get: the Stanley Cup. My ideal team would be Anaheim. Not only do they have a descent shot, they have Edmonton's 1st round pick from the Penner ordeal. A few prospects, many draft picks and perhaps a worthy defenseman could come back in return.

This season is pretty much done, might as well try and finish last, get an excellent draft position.

now thats what i would do, what would you do?

Also, if any one is interested, please join my facebook group, "i refuse to watch another leafs game unless we are 6th or better"
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January 12, 2008 12:24 PM ET | Delete
Fire JFJ (maybe shoot him?). Fire Maurice. Hire a competent GM. Trade the whole roster for picks/prospects/young nhl/ahlers. Put all of the new players plus many of the Marlies on the roster. Finally, go down to the dressing room and throw out all of the rbk edge jerseys.....
January 12, 2008 1:05 PM ET | Delete
Fire both JFJ and Maurice. Do everything I possibly could to lure a competant GM and hand him full control-no more MLSE board. I'd look at guys like Kevin Cheveldayof, and veteran guys like Dave Taylor, Craig Patrick, Bob Clarke and Neil Smith. The vital part, is to get a competant guy in there ASAP so he can start the rebuild, get value for Sundin and whomever else is tradeable and get the show on the road.
January 13, 2008 12:50 AM ET | Delete
Fire JFJ, Richard Peddie, Paul Maurice. Hire a legit GM Get Bowman out of retirement to coach. CBC had an interview with him and he said that he wanted the job as GM but he wanted to clean house and make his moves onb his terms and that peddie had said that they wanted to move in a different direction. To me Peddie should be shot. This guy is the cancer in the leaf land
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