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1. The Winter Classic

Overall, the event was a huge success, and I would expect that the NHL is going to plan more for the future. I'd like to see it happen in a Canadian city again though. Perhaps in the Rogers Center in Toronto.

2. The Senators getting bossed around in Washington

As a leaf fan, i found this to be actually quite entertaining. Ottawa obviously did not take them very seriously after taking the early lead. However, since Ovechkin has such a talent for beating up the Sens, theres more of a reason why he should play for Toronto afterwards.

3. Clemmenson is solid for the Leafs

Scott Clemmenson was solid for the leafs in his debut, making 27 saves on 30 shots for a clean save percentage of .900% This could send Raycroft down to the Marlies, giving Clemmenson the back up position. Poor Raycroft, he goes from playing every game last year to being pushed out of the spotlight completely.

Watch the highlights from yesterday's leafs game

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just a few random thoughts, happy new year
January 2, 2008 5:38 PM ET | Delete
Clemmenson's one game make not make the decision for JFJ, but I would be willing to try something. Need to find out why opponents own the last 2 minutes of a game against the Leafs.
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